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Need help fibroscan 11.6 kpa

Need help . What can I do? My fibroscan taken on December 2017 is 11.6 kpa, with CAP of 305.
My HBV DNA is Und 2015, while HBsag is 612. I on enticavir since 2015. Recently I take mlk thistle. What can i do or take to improve my liver health?
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What are your current ALT/AST Values? 11.6 Kpa may not be because of ongoing damage but from before you started taking entecavir. Stay on the medication and make sure ALT/AST are before or near normal range. Also, a bit more context may help. Were you in immune reactive state before? what was your condition before you started taking entecavir?
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My present Alt/Ast 26.39/32.47. I started etv 3 years ago when HBV dna is around 176000 and Hbsag 1760. I only did fibroscan last december.
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Your CAP of 305 indicates you have fatty liver. So you need to reduce weight by exercise and dieting. If you have high triglycerides you may need to take medication. See your doctor as fatty liver can also cause fibrosis to progress.
thank you Stephen
Nice explaination Stephen. But what is cap??
CAP is available with later model of Echosen's Fibroscan machine to quantify level of fatty liver and fibrosis. It is usually done at the same time Fibroscan score is done.

"Among the non-invasive tests, transient elastography (FibroScan®, TE) with controlled attenuation parameter (CAP) has demonstrated good accuracy in quantifying the levels of liver steatosis and fibrosis in patients with NAFLD, the factors associated with the diagnosis and NAFLD progression.Aug 28, 2016"
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