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Need help reading lab results

I got my lab results and doctor hasn't been able to reach out to me in two weeks... For unknown reason to me.
I asking for a help on infection status based on lab results:

Hep B Ag, Confirmatory Positive

Hepatitis Be Antigen Negative  

Hepatitis Be Antibody Positive  

Hep B Core Ab,Total Reactive  

Hepatitis B Core Antibody, IgM Non Reactive

I'm trying to see if it's result of past acute infection and it's cleared, chronic or result of vaccine.

Thank you so much!
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My understanding is that you are still infected. How long have you been confirmed as HBsAg positive?
I just find out about infection two weeks ago. I have never been tested before.
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The fact you have developed the HbeAb and the HbcAb suggest it’s not recent (ie within a few months). It could be that you are in the process of resolving the infection by which case you would expect to move from HBsAg to HbsAb in the coming few months but if you are HBsAg positive for +6 months you are considered chronic. My guess is that it’s resolving but I am far from an expert. Have you an idea of when you may have been exposed to this?
well if damn condom didn't protect than 4-5 months ago.
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That’s the kind of timeline your results suggest. But it looks (to me at least) like it may be in the process of resolving
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Sorry forgot to add to results hepatitis B DNA AMP PROBE - Not Detected.
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So full results:
HEPATITIS B, DNA, AMP PROBE           Not Detected
Hepatitis Be Antigen                 Negative
Hepatitis Be Antibody                 Positive
Hep B Core Ab,Total                   Reactive
Hepatitis B Core Antibody, IgM       Non Reactive  
check this website for a better understanding on your test results.

I did try what was references my results don't make any sense....
according to the chart your results are unclear, test again to double check.
you do have an infection as your hbsag is positive, but other results are skewed. retest is your best choice as of now. If your hbsag was negative then you were either vaccinated or cleared.
or susceptible.
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had visited 3 doctors and all have different opinions, one said this is result of past infection, another said it's chronicle and last said it's result of vaccination. I just need to know which result is write....
I think I might need to be tested. Can you tell me if your urine us dark, and do you have clay colored stools?
Urine seems to be normal same with stools
Has you urine or stool ever changed period?
I think I was exposed 3months ago. My urine is dark,  and mystool is yellow to tan to brown. I'm very scared. Suicidal thoughts consuming my mind. Can't sleep either
Stool and urine can change color due to foods and other her possible poisons. What other than that makes you think you are infected? Most likely your not. Even if you are it’s not a deadly deses. Why don’t go and get your self tested and make sure you are healthy :)
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