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Need some opinion on my HBsAg quant results and my HBV status

I found out I'm HBsAg positive in January this year while attempting to donate blood. My HBsAg quant results:
In January 26, 2017 -- Sample OD: 2.328, Cut-off OD: 0.150
In May 18, 2017 --Sample OD: 2.937, Cut-off OD: 0.105
Few days ago, I was qualified then rejected later for being HBV positive for a very attractive job in a big MNC. It's august now and I'm still HBV positive...so I guess this is chronic hepatitis B. I know a viral load test would help better to understand, but PCR test is so expensive in Bangladesh. I'll check my ALT and AST this week. I've been taking milk thistle based Icterine and Liv.52 for last few months... Seeng my HBsAg quantitative results, what can you tell me? In which category do I fall? Am I screwed too much? Should I start allopathic treatment now? Also, I don't understand the result units properly...are these called IU/ml or are these log units? TIA.
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don't worry get your hbv dna quantitative test, finroscan,ultrasound and gi endoscopy done, on the basis of these tests your doctor will decide whether to start treatment or not. Now a days very potential medicines like tenofovir and enteciver are available which cures hepb virus on long term treatment 3-10 yrs and keeps your liver safe from further damage
You said "Now a days very potential medicines like tenofovir and enteciver are available which cures hepb virus on long term treatment 3-10 yrs...". Could you please provide any data or research  that concludes these drugs can cure hbv on long term treatment of 3-10 yrs?
although there is not much data on long term results of tenofovir as more people are on enteciver but still i found some articles which provides data that tenofovir on long run functionally cures 10-15 % chronic hbv patients. This percentage can increase if people get to know about their disease, as you must be aware that only 5% from 350 million chronic hbvers knows about they are infected.most of the people dont even take medicine as they are carrers and probability of clearing also increases with hbeag +ve. Still i got some articles and data links for you:

also liver patient let me give you my history,
i am 24 yrs old i got to know about my hep b when i went for hair transplant in hep b i tested positive than i reached to hepatologist and gastro he ran some tests on me fibroscan gi endoscopy ultrasound lft kft cbc prothombin hbv dna n some more all tests were fine except :
hbvdna quantative was>170000000 ui/ml which was uncountable in billions
i am hbeag+ve
fibroscan reading was  7.7
i was a beer loving guy not smoker now i dont touch alcohol
as all my blood tests were fine so doc putted me on tenofovir from mid jan and after 6 months

hbv dna quant is =1200ui/ml
lft is fine indirect bilrubin is bit high 1.8 and there was spike in alt when i started tenofovir went to 85 but now coming down its 63 now
after 3 months ill again repeat the tests which doc will ask.

God bless uh n all of us we will be cured stay optimistic and live your life happily as you were living before you were unknown about your disease these things are part of life.
It's very hard to believe we'll get cured.
we will be brother stay positive and optimistic life is like this .Please go through this article:

only what you eat..some people says don't eat food have oid or dry food always eats fruits and vegetables.in the case of HEPA b I think lock of Vitamins C am I right correct me if I'm wrong so that I will understand it.I'm dissame in your case my medical result 9.9999  that mean's??
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