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New Version of Tenofovir In Trials - CMX157

There is a new version of Tenofovir in trials that is supposedly 200 times more potent than the TDF that is out now, boosting intracellular concentration, thus reducing any harmful renal effects:


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we have already talked about cmx157 in 2010-2011 posts:
it is just tenofovir with a different compound to distribute it in cells, distribution is improved only for hiv, for hbv it can be about 2 times more potent but won t have any added improvment over tdf except the price
.it can be conisdered for reduced toxicity on patients with damaged kidneys because tenofovir dose in CMX157 is reduced
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It looks like Merck just signed an agreement and this drug may proceed further.
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Ok ..

I dont know why Merck does not work on drug kill HBV surface antigen ..
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They won't work on it till 2017 at least. Now the drug companies are all trying to cash in on the antivirals me too drugs. You have to live in America and experience this health care for profit to really understand what is going on.

Until some other country with state runned medicine gives these type of projects to find cures for hep b. Hiv and cancers we will have this drugs that sort of work  for some people.

They knew about combination therapy that works for hep b  as back as 10 years ago. Ask your self why it is not being standartized  world wide as a treatment strategy?

And smaller companies that have potential cures in the works just do not have the funds to ever get going and show their stuff. And will end up selling these developments to the companies like Merck that will roll out these drugs by 2020 just in time when their patents on Baraclude and Tenofovir expire.

Compared with how big of a problem hiv and hepatitis viruses are and some strains of herpes  today. They are not doing enough.

So I am not being optimistic guys the way things are today. If they take out the profit factor - big business which medicine became today then there is hope. These days hope is to find an honest doctor who is not a Baraclude salesman or is not looking for the financial interest of the insurance companies
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