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These results indicate that NTZ, which targets an HBV-related viral–host protein interaction, may be a promising new therapeutic agent and a step toward a functional HBV cure https://www.cmghjournal.org/article/S2352-345X(18)30156-5/fulltext
Stef2011 has mentioned the effect of nitazoxanide many times, we would like to see his opinion on the new paper. Should we try this drug, Steff?
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NTZ effect is quite weak, it did lower hbsag and kept my hbvdna undetected when i used etv (etv was not potent enough to keep hbvdna always undetected) but using ntz+nuc alone makes nothing plus you risk to unbalance your microbiome.i think it might be useful once there is an immune clearance started by peginterferon or hbsag is very very low.NTZ produced in US is too expensive and generics from india are too difficult to get in europe, it doesn t worth trying
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Dear Stef2011, should I try NTZ if my hbsag is 1500iu/ml  now? I have hbeag- and hbvDNA, hbvRNA undetected for 2 years on TAF treatment.
yes you can try it if it is the cheap generic version nothing to lose.mind that it may damage gut flora.i dont think it can have an impact on hbsag but it worths a try
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