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One month after Peg+TDF+NTZ tx

I had my blood work done after one month of tx.
ALT= 145, AST= 113, AFP=16.1 , supposed to be less than 8.0 .
The rest is normal.
My doc said it is normal that those values are higher because of the treatment.
I know about ALT, AST but I am scared that AFP is also very high. AFP is a cancer marker , right? Should I worry about higher AFP?

At the moment I stopped HepTec products I feel it's so much tablet already.
But should I start taking them again?
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Hi April

AFP is not specific to liver tumour.  may be elevated in hepatitis, cirrhosis.  Ultrasound can exlcude a tumour.  However, more likely due to all the inflammatory activity.

How are your other results?  HbsaG quantification?  
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dont worry about afp it is not a tumor marker anymore because most hcc have normal afp, it is more an inflammatory marker (increased immune activity).so it is all very good your immune system is very active

it is best not to take heptech while on intf because it reduces inflammation and inflammation is needed because it is part of immune response

are alt on the rise from baseline?a alt 145 with low hbvdna may lower hbsag a lot
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what is the ntz dose you are using?
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if alt baseline was around 50 and now alt is 145 you are getting immune system well activated, i guess both hbvdna and hbsag might be going down now
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Thanks for your answers.
One month before the tx ALT was 85, AST was 37 and AFP was 2.8 but before that ALT and AST was always around 50 to 65 and if I do my 45 minutes exercise it went up to 85, 95 but never over 100 like now.
Hopefully Hbsag goes down like stef said.
For HBV DNA test the blood will be drawn before the 13th shot my doctor told me. HBsAg also will be checked around that time.

I am taking NTZ 3 times a day, 1.5g. I tried 4 times but I had diarrhea and although I took probiotic it didn't stop and I had fever also. So I stayed with 3 tablets a day. And it's ok now and I take every second day a probiotic. I cannot buy the type of probiotic you told me in my country, stef. I use "Saccharomyces boulardii" 250 mg as I can buy them easily.

I have to make my blood work again after 8th shot and I'll let you all know.

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you can retry to increase ntz dose other times when you feel it can be ok, we all had one time diarrea but usually it resolves itself in about 3 days if not it means you cannot tollerate more than 1.5g because your gut bacteria is weak

my tollerable level was 1,5g at first but after using probiotics for about 6 months i could up to 3g-3.5g.the max dose used on aids trials was 4g while hcv trials used 2.7g
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