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Origins of Hep c infection


Genetic diversity and evolution of hepatitis C virus
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Valuable paper - thanks for the link.

This confirms that the HCV virus was identified and described around 15 years ago. In many cases, mine included, infection occurred over 30 years ago. My acute symptoms were diagnosed as HepA, but I discovered after Dx that I am negative for Hep A and Hep B antibodies. The original infection was HCV. There are many, many others that were infected before HCV was identified. We're early adopters :-)

Also news to me that HCV Genotype 1 came to the west after considerable time in sub-Saharan Africa. With HIV and HCV, these people have certainly taken a viral beating, with little in the way of treatment of support.
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Great, yet another monkey disease.  Perhaps species eradication is a good thing.
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thanks for the link thats the first time ive ever read any paper on the origins of hepc....
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Had that same thought, but I'm much better now lol, OHHHH you meant the monkeys.
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i read that hep c came from the returning viet nam troops. it is the correct time frame.
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I always thought it was the viet troops returning = perhaps that is my prejudice though but I always figured it came over with Syph and the clap and things like that.

My x had it since the early 80s when they had no idea what it really was (nonA nonB at the time). He's lucky though the guy he got it from died of AIDS. I don't know how he wasn't infected with that one but have to say I'm grateful.

Monkeys - I'd say its all their fault but uh who the person is who decides to sex them up is probably more at fault than the chimp ;)

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I think the most likely mode of transmission was still not sexual....people eat monkeys, lots of people eat lots of monkeys, and skinning them out.....dull knives.....more likely the usual blood to blood transmission
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That had to be SO HARD! I can't imagine being there and going through that. So many young men died, for what?

I think those airgun shots were the most likely culprit. Maybe that agent orange they were spraying. Yuck!
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Yes, that makes sense. But if someone was cutting up a monkey, they would have to have a cut. Eating it wouldn't give them the virus, would it? I guess it could be someone had a cut, transferred it to someone who came here and shot up drugs and passed it on quickly that way.
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A lot of people eat monkey? You know people who have? I don't not in this country. I may have heard about it in national geographic but then again I heard of the cannibals in Bornio too, but never even seen a skinned monkey in Nam, a few dogs and cats, but no monkeys. A lot of people eat monkey? I doubt it unless you got a spear and running through the jungle, and that don't relate to Viet Nam vets well.
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I never mentioned Viet Nam, not even once, the article is oriented to Africa, where a lot of native people eat native animals, and cutting yourself when skinning animals is VERY EASY...
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Thanks for the link - very interesting. Mike
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Sorry, my bad. It was a comment made to you, not from you that pissed me off, about Vets bringing Hep C back from Bobbyullc to you. Then someone else says we just brought back the clap and **** like that, I don't suffer bigots well no matter what kind of wrapper they come in, and I would stomp someones liver out if they said that in front of me.
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I pointed that out that my statement was prejudiced - but said also it is my understanding. This is something that I was taught - doesn't make it RIGHT but it is DEFINITELY a thought that is OUT THERE.

It's just that MANY men got completely and totally addicted to drugs during the time spent there, due to the ease of getting/naivety of heroin/opium. As far as it has EVER been told to me - a lot of sexually transmitted diseases DID come from during the time of the Vietnam war era from the culture and prostitution that was rampant as a way of survival in that part of the world (and still is today).

This is not in ANY way meant to be an insult - just a fact of life.

I'm sorry as a vet if it offended you, if I was one I am sure it would offend mme perhaps - but at this point having this disease I am beyond that.

For example when people say all HCV people are junkies it used to make me CRAZY but now I just educate them that if they've been to a nail salon...they have every bit of a chance of having contracted it as ME.

It IS my understanding that a lot of veneral disease was brought back during this time. On top of that in the "freelove" genertion of the 60s - and a time of drugs...things were passed onwards, spread multipied and branched out.

Please understand - this is what I've always been told, always seen in major motion pictures and nobody has EVEr contradicted it.

Of course it is a broad general sweeping statement of bigotry - but it still is what is a common perception which is the reason I mentionned it at all.

My most sincere apologies. I really didn't mean to offend you.
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Thank You for the apology, I did fight in an unpopular war if there is a popular one I haven't seen it, drug usage and alcohol abuse was going on, but no more than a college campus with thousands of 18-21 yr olds. I have been called a baby killer and a few choice other things and lived with the thought that no one cared about us except to portray us as stressed out homeless outcasts of society. Yes the media has a lot to do with it, but it's those that wern't there that make offhanded statements with blanket stereotypes. If anyone cares there is a website for Vets with Hep it's hcvets'com and can educate a few people with the information there (it's under construction) but will be back up soon. Sorry if my shackles got raised but we have suffered enough blame to get it from each other.
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I can't blame YOU at all!  Thank you for being so gracious - like I said...I think it's a common conception, but God knows that doesn't make it RIGHT.

Thank you very much for being such a gentleman. You know...me and my stupid mouth (er hands...same brain to mouth/hand problem that I had well before the Riba).

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Heh!  Bingo!  I swear the air gun innoculations I got in boot camp back in the seventies is where I got this nasty bug.  

Am very interested to hear more about the class action suit...any other info available???
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You are too funny, girl! I have to agree though. Those cute little monkeys...YUCK! Flguy said he turned off Jumanji this weekend when the monkeys came on, perhaps this is why. They are so cute and who could pin them down anyway?

My x had hep (not dx as C) in the 80's and died from AIDs. He was a sick puppy and I wouldn't put it past him to wrestle down some poor monkey.
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I am a Viet Nam Vet and resent the idea that Hep C originated with us. If there is any truth to that notion it is because of the air guns we were innoculated with, and herded like cattle though it without proper sterilization. The Veterans Adm. has a class action lawsuit against the manufacturers of the device and the US Armed Services for using it knowing that years before England discontinued it's use because of the chance of blood born disease spread way before Hep was well known.
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IMHO, (OK perhaps NOT humble) anyone who goes oil wrestling with a monkey should be eradicated as well!!

I certainly hope that they didn't select tx meds based on some strange stigma that we all needed to have our libidos lowered.  It's bad enough to have to deal with IVDU stigma.

But as I learned Monday when I went into the ER, if anyone wants to give me any ****, all I need to do is tell them that "I HAVE HCV BLOOD AND KNOW HOW TO USE IT!!" and then watch them jump for cover.
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I had one of those airgun shots coming out of Morroco in 1970. It was like a heard of cattle, I couldn't believe it. Not knowing when or how I got it I sure would be angry if I knew this is how I got it. I truly doubt solders that were in Vietnam passed Hep C to us by themselves, unless they picked it up from those airgun shots or something like monkeys in Vietnam. I don't think anyone was saying it is the soldiers fault, Coldfeet, just that it is possible you guys could have carried it home.
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A conspiracy theory so we won't have sex, huh? Sorta makes sense if they think we pass it on this way. Boy, I would be pissed off if I found out that was true.

I love your ER story, I hate the ER and plan to use your method if I ever have to go there!
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I guess anyplace there is blood there is a chance of bringing it home, but C rations is as close to monkey as I got, and the blood was my friends and comrads that got sent home in a box instead of a seat in a plane.
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Your offense is very understandable to many who feel that Viet Vets were unfairly and unjustly treated for simply performing the honorable act of serving their country.

Anyone who has served in one knows full well that War is Hell, or as close as it possibly comes to Hell on earth!!  IMHO, those who have not served have no place passing judgement upon those who did.

I for one am more offended by the Hanoi Janes and such who are nothing more than non-combatant puppets pushing their personal political agendas at the expense of honorable men and women who are forfeiting their very lives so that these near traitors can have the luxury of shooting the mouths off without having risked theirs.
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