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Pain in liver ,HBV DNA lavel 543.

I am taking entacavir 0.5 from 4+ year . Now my hbv dna lavel 543 sgpt 64. Recently i am feeling pain in right side middle in liver. feeling tired & weight loss. Any one can tell about this pain? Is it tumor or  any thing....
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Most Hepatitis B patients report some discomfort/mild pain in the liver area. As the liver has not pain receptors (the membrane covering it has), a ready explanation is not available.
After 4+ years on Entecavir, your hbvdna seems to be a bit high, and so is your ALT. Are you overweight, drink alcohol, fatty liver? You may like to consult your doctor.
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I am also kidney transplant patient. My Hight  5Foot 7Ench Weight was previous165 pound, now 161 pound. Do not take alcohol. No fatty liver. I was visited my doctor (India CMC Hospital) 1 month ago. I am also talk about this Pain. Doctor not given any test such as (ultrasound,fibroscan etc) just given LFT & HBV DNA. After getting  result Doctor said that just continue entaicavir and review after 3 month. Is the doctor suggestion was correct? Why doctor not change my medicine entaicavir  to tenofovir? How much should be HBV dna lavel  for me ?
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If you are a kidney transplant patient, I presume you are on a lot of medications. How they interact with your HBV treatment is beyond my knowledge.
In simple Hepatitis B patients after several years of anti-viral treatment, hbvdna should be undetectable or at least under 100 iu/ml and ALT should be under30 IU/L. Of course, these are just for "normal" patients.

BTW, Tenofovir has side effect on the kidney, especially for patients with existing kidney problems.
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But i am feeling pain when pressed middle in liver. Have any test find out this problem?
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