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Pegasys + Tenofovir (TDF) Therapy

Dear Doctor,

First of all, apologize for my poor English.
I am an Asian male 27 years old.
I was diagnosed with hep B chronic infection in early of 2008. Since then I am regularly visit specialist doctor for medical check-up. After monitoring my hep B panel and liver condition for 4 years, my doctor decided to advise me for therapy due to my ALT level was elevated for this past 3 years (around 2 twice of normal range).
The option that suggested by my Doctor at that time was TDF alone or TDF combo with Pegasys. After a though consideration, I finally agree to start a combo therapy of TDF + Pegasys on mid of March.

Here is my recent history of records:

End of February result:
Hbs Ag (Quant) : 44575.47
Hbs Ag : Reactive
Hbe Ag : Reactive
ANTI-Hbs (Quant): < 3.0 Non-Reactive
HBV DNA : 440771328

Decided to go on Combo therapy TDF + Pegasys

Baseline result (mid of March), after baseline, start taking on medication
Hbs Ag (Quant) : 44977.03
Hbs Ag : Reactive
Hbe Ag : Reactive
ANTI-Hbs (Quant): < 3.0 Non-Reactive
HBV DNA : 570484864

April result (week 4 after started weekly injection of Pegasys and daily dosage of TDF)
Hbs Ag (Quant) : 32384.55 (going down)
Hbs Ag : Reactive
Hbe Ag : Reactive
ANTI-Hbs (Quant): < 3.0 Non-Reactive
HBV DNA : 148485 (going down)

Now I am on week 8, just did my medical check and wait for the result to come out.
I will gladly appreciate your view and opinion on my result

Thank you and best regards,
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do check that unit is iu/ml, there are still absolete tests with the number with no unit and those tests are useless.
most labs report the method (at least those who use new machines and have nothing to hide), hbsag quantity is done by abbott architect or roches elycsys only
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HI, i'm doing the same your tx.. i'm also 27yo eag+... any sides? I

'm now on week 13 my hbsag quant baseline was 5800iu/ml now I'm waitign for the hbsag quant afetr 12wks..

DNA is under detectable limit due to TDF..
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responding weel but to early to say, week 12 and week 24 hbsag, ast/alt and hbvdna will tell

check also your vit d and if less than 50ng/ml i tis best to supplement until you reach 80-90ng/ml, test is vit d25oh
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when should the eag seroconvesrsion expected in such cases as average?
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Hi Grmr, I don't feel any side effect so far, i hope this condition continue till end of treatment.
Do you have any side so far?
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Thanks Stef for your post.
I notice that i my vit D is slightly low, it is 55ng/ml. But my doctor mention that it is not clinical significant.
Do you know how this HbsAg (quant) works? Seems like it is going down, but i don't know how does it effect on my treatment result.
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