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Please Help me: Will I completely recover from Hep-B

Hi Friends,

I have infected with acute hep-b three months ago.recently i have done LFT and hbsag again.In my LFT all are normal but
HbsAG is positive again.
This means i am now  a chronic carrier?
After how many months usually HbsAG will become negative?
Most of adults will completely cure from hep-b is it true ??

Please help me friends I am really tensioned.

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Sorry ..I forgot to mention I am 26 years old
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What is you anti-HBc IgM reading ? If it is still reactive, then you are acute and should be patient.

Once IgM reading is negative, and if you still test HbsAg +ve, then you are chronic.

See health pages, get yourself familiar. There are good treatment options - so relax.
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Yes, most adults clear the virus.  You have a 6-month window to clear it before you are considered chronic.  Boost your immune system by eating well, exercising moderately and getting rest.
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