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Please could this be a false reactive Hep B rest?

Hi friends,
I got shots for Hep B when I did move to the US in 2012. Last winter, I was seriously sick & scared that it could be something serious, I did a complete health check including STDs. Results were all negative even though I was really in bad shape and have still not improved. At that time, lab results for Hep B from Physician Imme Care showed: HEBsAG non reactive, HEBsAB immunity with values 65 mIU/ml. That said, 8 months down the road, I decided to donate blood and had a call from Blood bank that my sample tested positive for one of their Hep B markers & will be receiving an official letter. Well I have been confused, at the same time powerless since Friday. My questions are: Is it possible that my vaccines during my Immigration procedures didn't work?, or could the Physician Imme Care test, a false non reactive? Laastly on worst case scenario, can still be able to keep a job with Hep B? Thanks in advance
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I think most likely the test from the Blood bank would show HBcAb positive. If your HBsAg is still negative, it would just mean that you had a previous HBV infection and had recovered. Best to wait for the letter from the Blood bank.
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