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Please help me I discovered I have hepatitis b I am feeling depressed

I was diagnosed of hepatitis b I went to my doctor he says I don’t need treatment but I don’t know if I have high chances of turning Hbsag to negative here are my results
Hepatitis b cAb is positive
Core value is 6.70 s/co
Hepatitis b core Igm negative
Core M value is 0.08s/Co
Hepatitis b surface antigen positive
Hepatitis b SAb non immune
Hepatitis b SAb value is 0.46miu/ml
Hbeag is negative
HBeAg value is 0.33 s/Co

Then  below is for the liver function test
S-Albumin is 45gl reference is 35-50
S-Bilirubin total is 18umol/l reference is 3-26
S -Alkaline phosphate is 51Iu/L
S -Alt is 21IU/L
S-AST is 21IU/L
S-Total protein is 65gl
All liver function test are okay

Below is the PCR HbV  QN Viral Load
Hepatitis b virus DNA is 95IU/ml

HBV-1Log units is 1.978

These are my results please stef2011 help me with my results doctor said I don’t need treatment
1.please do I have high chances of making HBsag negative by using peginterferon please help me
2.am I healthy carrier or inactive HBV from my results
3. Is my Hepatitis b surface antibodies positive from my results

Please help me stef2011 or anyone I need answers help me
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the best thing you can do now is checking hbsag quantity in iu/ml so you know if hbsg can be easily clear on glaxo drug and your vitamin d levels (vitd25oh).i am sure we will have more cures next years, US fda corruption has been changed by trump due to covid and need of drugs approved fast so also hbv cures are now unblocked and faster to approve.we may see also replicor drug approved easily following years
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Thanks a lot this is a good news we will surely a cure and everyone will be free from hepatitis b let’s keep our fingers crossed thanks once again greetings from Canada
Hi steff does hbv cause dizziness and weakness because I feel weak everyday don’t know why and having light headache please I would love to know
i don think it is related to your hbv because you are perfectly fine, go check vitd25oh being severely deficient on this vitamin can have endless symptoms, inflammation and even liver/kidney damage.you better check it as soon as possible because almost every chronic infection, hbv in particular, and chronic disease has deficient/low vitamin d
How can I increase my vitamin d level
best brand vitamin d 3 i use is healthy origins 5000iu or 10.000iu daily (now foods is good also).you can start 3-4 weeks at 10.000iu daily and then check levels so you know if 10.000iu is ok or lower to 10.000iu every other day
if those symptoms clear it was vit d def
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Hi stef2011 do I need a fibroscan for my above results and am I okay with the ultrasound scan I did please help,I don’t know why am still feeling weak and light
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Did your doctor tell you whether you are chronic or not. If he didn’t after the results, I would switch doctors bc it sounds like he doesn’t want to help you
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Yes it’s chronic that’s what he told me,But according to my result he said I am inactive carrier that I don’t need treatment only to monitor every 6 months or 1 year,I always feel weak everyday and dizziness does this applies to hbv?
Not that I am aware of from reading and from personal experiences.  I know itching might be.  You also might have autoimmune hepatitis. Every six months sounds good and that’s what I do.  I also read every year depending on your age.    Get blood work done on hep b load and UT done. Fibroscan 1 or 2 years.  Eat right and exercise.  Sorry for your diagnosis, I know how you feel. I found out about 3 years ago.  
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you dont need to worry because hbv is mainly a benigne illness as long as you know you have it and can check it.your results are so good that it makes no difference to yor liver if you have it or not and you dont need antiviral, hbv cure is on trial now (see post below about glaxo), you may try to get on that trial or wait until is finished and et cured.since you dont have any illness/damage to your liver i suggest you wait and jump on next trials in 2022, it looks like this glaxo therapy has no relevant side effects and easily clear low hbsag
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Thank you so much stef2011 I was so scared and thinking my dreams has been ruined,I am so happy that someone like you is on this group to give others orientation on hbv,I can’t wait for the cure to be out
Steff from my results do I have hbvsab antibodies??
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Anybody help me please to answer my question
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I suffered same, but I'm cured now.
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How did you do it what are your results and what did you take
I read a comment online on how a lady was cured using herbal medicine and a followed up. I was cured and my result shows negative.
Could you tell us what did you do to be cure please
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