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Please how good is the usage of tenofivir in the treatment of hepititis B

Hepititis B help needed
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I honestly do not know. But I think there have been a few people on here who were cured while on it. Do a search on this forum for "I am cured" and see what drugs they were taking.

Do you take vitamin D?
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You really don’t really have any choice.  Only choice if treated is needed are the previous medicine or no treatment when the doctor and guildline suggest it.

It does have side effects.  And I don’t know what kind of damage it does to your body in the long term.  Weaker bones - may or may not cause bone cancer????.maybe.  Injuries to the kidneys. May or may not cause kidney damage years down the line.

It’s a HIV medicine and how realistic is it, for example; a 20 year old taking Tdf, taf to take it for the next 50 years.  

But with no other options, does not matter on its safety because without it, prognosis is 100x worse.

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