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Please is anyone experiencing weakness,

I was diagnosed of hepatitis b I went to my doctor he says I don’t need treatment but I don’t know if I have high chances of turning Hbsag to negative here are my results
Hepatitis b cAb is positive
Core value is 6.70 s/co
Hepatitis b core Igm negative
Core M value is 0.08s/Co
Hepatitis b surface antigen positive
Hepatitis b SAb non immune
Hepatitis b SAb value is 0.46miu/ml
Hbeag is negative
HBeAg value is 0.33 s/Co

Then  below is for the liver function test
S-Albumin is 45gl reference is 35-50
S-Bilirubin total is 18umol/l reference is 3-26
S -Alkaline phosphate is 51Iu/L
S -Alt is 21IU/L
S-AST is 21IU/L
S-Total protein is 65gl
All liver function test are okay

Below is the PCR HbV  QN Viral Load
Hepatitis b virus DNA is 95IU/ml

HBV-1Log units is 1.978

These are my results please stef2011 help me with my results doctor said I don’t need treatment
1.please do I have high chances of making HBsag negative by using peginterferon please help me
2.am I healthy carrier or inactive HBV from my results
3. Is my Hepatitis b surface antibodies positive from my results

Please is anyone experiencing weakness,getting tired always I don’t know what to do as am feeling weak everyday and sleep a lot,according to my result do I need a fibroscan,doctors only recommends ultrasound and said I don’t need treatment,please help me why am I always feeling weak and tired

Please help me stef2011 or anyone I need answers help me
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