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Pre-Core vs Basal Core Promoter vs. Wild Type

what exactly is the difference between these?
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Pre-core and basal core promoter are mutations in the region of C gene that codes for the hepatitis B virus core protein, HBcAg. The C gene also codes for HBeAg if translation is started at the pre-core region of the C gene. Basically, pre-core mutation causes no HBeAg to be produced, and basal core promoter mutation reduces the production of HBeAg.
I think it is important to remember that the HBV is a population of quasi-species, so we may have 100% wild type or 100% pre-core mutants or a population consisting of some wild type, some pre-core mutants, some core promoter mutants, and some other mutant types.

Just my understanding
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Is it true that BCP is one of the most common mutations worldwide?
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today yes it is, but as stated hbv is a complex of different mutants, there is not such single virus but different quasispieces
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So in simple English, you said that we might have more than one mutation?
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when the virus replicates it creates mutations, thousands a day. it is in its nature. But most of mutants are not stable and either died themselves or destroyed by the immune system, some of them are stable and we host all of them ...
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can you show link to source showing BCP is most common mutation now?  I am looking for some info.
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