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Proparacaine and chlorophyllide, were shown to reduce HBV

There are now seven nucleoside/tide analogues, along with interferon-a, that are approved by the FDA for the management of chronic hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection, a disease affecting hundreds of millions of people worldwide. These medications, however, are limited in usefulness, and significant side effects and the emergence of viral escape mutants make the development of novel and updated therapeutics a pressing need in the treatment of HBV.With this in mind, a library containing 2000 compounds already known to be safe in both humans and mice with known mechanisms of action in mammalian cells were tested for the possibility of either antiviral activity against HBV or selective toxicity in HBV producing cell lines.

A modified real-time immune-absorbance-polymerase chain reaction (IA-PCR) assay was developed for this screen, utilizing cells that produce and secrete intact HBV virions. In this procedure, viral particles are first captured by an anti-HBs antibody immobilized on a plate. The viral load is subsequently assessed by real-time PCR directly on captured particles. Using this assay, eight compounds were shown to consistently reduce the amount of secreted HBV viral particles in the culture medium under conditions that had no detectable impact on cell viability. Two compounds, proparacaine and chlorophyllide, were shown to reduce HBV levels 4- to 6-fold with an IC50 of 1 and 1.5 lM, respectively, and were selected for further study. The identification of these compounds as promising antiviral drug candidates against  HBV, despite a lack of previous recognition of HBV antiviral activity, supports the validity and utility of testing known compounds for ‘‘off-pathogen target’’ activity against HBV, and also validates this IA- PCR assay as an important tool for the detection of anti-viral activity against enveloped viruses.
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Maybe the solution might be on a simple medication that had been around for ages..
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Unfortunately, a reduction ' 4 to 6 times" is of literally no practical value. A good antiviral like tenofovir reduces the primary production rate of virions by a factor of approx 500. And it is still way too low to eliminate or effectively reduce  the daily reinfection that occurs. Thats why the surface antigen,  does not substantially reduce under antiviral therapy.
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But Replicor has the cure. That is it . We should all focus our efforts in getting it released.

You are absolutely right testing a million or so compounds that are out there can take many years if not 20 nty years at the rate hbv progress moves along. We need to use what they know works already. And Rep9 is the stuff.

All the members on this board should spread the word to HBV sufferers and doctors who are not aware that there is a great treatment option using Rep9 and Zadaxin. This should be the focus of this forum. Enough discussions on Etv or TDF - these are anti hiv agents and were developed for it specifically. But our virus is different.  

Get this medicine released. If they wont do it. Right letters to all TV networks  exposing HBV conspiracy that we are aware of.
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