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Protected anal sex

About 3 weeks I made protected anal sex with prostitute  which makes anal sex only . The penetration takes about 15 second then I stopped
What is the type of hbv test and the period ?
And is that high risk exposure?
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Do you know if that guy prostitute has hep b?  You are not worried about hiv/aids, but hepatitis b?  I m going to guess this was not the first time with a prostitute, so if anything maybe you clear it in previous relations or the guy you were with didn’t have hep b.  
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She was a girl  .
And why I am not a afraid from hiv because I made hiv test and hsv2 test for this girl cause iam a ocd patient .
But I forgot to makes hep B and I travels to my region.
What is my risk ?
and should I make test ?
Go ahead. Make the test for hep b. If you make the test, you have no worries.  Why even ask if you should make the test for hepatitis b, when it’s the only way to to.

So you’re asking… I had sex with a person who has sex with everyone with money.  Should I be worried about std/sti????
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