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Rino Clinil Spray wich CHBV


I am HBV inactive carrier, and before my be three weeks I suffer from mild pain at my right throat with ear, I visit an ENT specialist and he prescribe a treatment for me ( Rino Clinil Spray ) which contain ( belomethasone dipropionate) twice daily for 15 days..

I am 42 years old, and I am follow HBV since 15 years and the latest analysis ( Feb 2012) was normal liver function and very low dna (12 IU/ml), and the quantitative ( 125 IU/ml)..

can I use the spray medication for my ENT proplem??

  Thanks A lot to every body...

Thanks a lot..
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it is a steroid, it damages immune system and reactivates hbv.all steroids can t be used on hbv carriers
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in case of diseases like cancer which are cured with chemios which destroys immune system too antivirals are used before starting chemios but if you can avoid steroids it is much better

see natural ways to boost your immune system like liposomal vitamin c or injectable vitamin c (normal vit c is not absorbed so it is useless), vitamin d3 5000-10000iu daily until serum levels get to 60-100ng/ml
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