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Risk of exposure from hair salons


I just wanted to find out what my chances of acquiring HB B&C are in this instance. Basically I have recurring psoriasis in the scalp and sometimes it leaves skin cracks (fissures) around the lower scalp region behind my ear..I try to use steroid medications to seal the cracked skin, but it usually recurs every now and then. I usually get my hair cut with clippers at salons and the hairdresser's electric clippers have touched the area around these un-intact skin regions from the psoriasis .... Am I at any risk of HB B&C (Or other blood borne viruses) in these instances or am I just being paranoid about this? The reason why I was afraid is that the opening of fissure may expose a small membrane layer of the skin around the scalp right? I have read some articles which state that HB virus has been detected in clippers of barbers/hairstylists etc and can stay much longer compared to other viruses on such surfaces. Just wanted to know.

Thank you.

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