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Sci-b-Vac shippment solution from israel

Hi all,

Please find attached reply from Mr Ron from Isramed.
The question to Mr Ron was could the Vaccine be shipped to Casablanca, Morocco?

Reply from Mr Ron

Thank you for your interest in IsraMeds.

Sci-B-Vac is available and can be sent to Casablanka, Morocco by cold chain shipment(refrigerated all the way and not in bags)

Sci-B-Vac is available as 2.5mcg / 5mcg / 10 mcg. Prices start from $77 per ampule to $297 for the 10mcg ampules.

There is a 15% discount if you decide to purchase the 25 ampules original package.

Please note you must calculate 3 doses per person meaning that 12 ampules would be enough for 4 individuals.

Please specify the dose, quantity and prefferance of shipment method and I will gladly quote you prices and ask our accounting dept. to prepare a proforma invoice for your purchase.

Also please reply with you telephone number so I can explain the details...

Kind  regards,
Ron Fischer

More question pending reply:( from soflab to IsraMed Mr Ron)

Could you please relay the list of countries you can ship this SCI-B-Vac.
As i am a member of www.medhelp.org (soflab) hepatitis B Forum, lots of members all over the world want to try this vaccine for the sake of the Forum trials could you relay what would be the price for our members in medhelp.
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very very good this is surely needed for those with extremely low hbsag or those who cleared hbsag after pegintf but not developped hbsab

wow this could be good for us members but also for Sci-b-vac they might end up with free human trials on chronic carriers because we can gather all tests
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please let s check if some european countries is allowed too
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does it make any sense to try this vaccine during pegintf or for those with very low hbsag levels with monthly injections in a skin area previously treated with imiquimod (with also zadaxin added for the lucky ones who has it), the vaccine seems inexpensive and if it makes no harm it would be a good try

are there any trials on these new hbv vaccines in combo with peg intf and zadaxin, i couldn t find any?

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Stefan. I spoke with the guy from Scicore. He is saying taking zadaxin plus any nuc for six months to a year has 80% success  for just about anybody.

Japanese were doing vaccines with immune simulators before. It helped some people. Probably you are right those with low surface antigen.

Although some people say it does not really matter how high your surface antigen or dna is. Its about how good the immune system is.  
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An intradermal injection into an IMIQUIMOD pretreated area as adjunct therapy makes sense. But it would be so much better, if it also contained core particles. Simultaneous thymosin alpha, as shown in the Canadian trial is also likely to help. That trial, used to stabilize seroconversion, used only the monovalent, not the triple antigen vaccine.
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please give more details, so we can learn about it better.
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You have mentioned earlier that even with very low hbsag quantity even at the limit of detection of 0.05 iu/ml we still have millions of hbsag particles per ml. Vaccine shot would just increase the number of these particles , so why vaccine should help to develop antibodies? In fact blood of a person with hbsag and zero VL is vaccine itself... I am speaking about monovalent vaccine.
Thank you for you great assistance to this community!
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You are correct, indeed many years ago the first vaccines were made from patients blood, after inactivation of the virions. These vaccines were actually much more potent than the later recombinant ones, they did contain pres1 and pres2 components and the denatured virion remnants certainly helped as well. Robert Neurath based his famous paper in in the journal nature showing "a strong T cell response to pres1 in man" on the study of such vaccinees.

If an effect of therapeutic vaccination in borderline "pushover" situations can be expected, then only because a strong adjuvant is simultaneously present in the application or at the application site, like cpgODNs in the dynavax vaccine, or thymosin alpha, or the super antigen HBV CORE PARTICLES or maybe IMIQUIMOD and the presence of all three surface antigen types S. M. and L.
It is the activation of the local dendritic cells that determines the quality and quantity of the immune response to any vaccine.

The regular recombinant S only vaccine will have no effect, the alum used as an adjuvant is too weak and does not stimulate T cell responses.
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Many thanks for your comments !
Could you also please comment on vit D supplementation? There are many studies that prove that vit d stimulates innate immunity and down-regulates the adaptive one, does it mean that vit d supplementation should be stopped on the stage when hbsag is low and you expect the hbsab to come up?  
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For ex in this case with therapeutic vaccine from israel.
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There is no good answer to the question of vit D intense supplementation effect on the stages of spontaneous or induced hbsag seroconversion.
I would remain in the range between 60 and 80 until clear evidence emerges to suggest otherwise.
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My understanding is that Sci-b-Vac is a prophylactic vaccine, but you seem to imply that it can be made to be therapeutic by using it together with potent adjuvant?
Sci-b-Vac contains in addition to the s antigen, the preS1 and preS2 antigens, is thought to be more expensive to produce, hence its smaller share of the market.
Is it the presence of the preS1 and preS2 that makes the difference? But doesn't the HBSag sub viral particle also has preS1 and preS2?
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