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Second Blood test

Two months back my blood test showed,

HBSAg - Negative
HBeAB - Positive
HBeAg - Negative
HBs Antibody - Non Reactive
Bilrubib count : 2.18

And my doctor said I am affected with hep B, and its imposible to cure.

Today again took blood test and its showing :

HBS antibody          0.020            less than 0.060 negative and more than 0.060 postive
HBeAg                    0.028            less than 0.361 negative and more than 0.361 positive
HBsAg                    Negative
HbeAb                     0.026            less than 0.321 negative and more than 0.321 positive

what does the above reading means, is it HbeAb +ve or -ve.
Also please advice what is Hbeab ?
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I do not understand why your doctor thinks you are infected. Your HBsAg is negative, means you do not have the virus.

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Yeah it is impossible to cure.  Theyre is not medinces out there that automatically if you take for these #' of days will cure you. Thats probaly what your doctor ment.

Your body will cure itself and create anti bodies

Its almost like Mono in a way... because you become immune to that as well.

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have you taken HepB vaccine??
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No I have not yet taken the Vaccine
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I'm 21 now.10-11months back,i got a HbsAg+ve.it was knew when i donated my blood.Then, i tested HbsAg n HbeAg,it found HbsAg is +ve n HbeAg is -ve.But i've not do anything to this.
What should i do now?Acutually,what's this HbsAG?Plz suggest me,
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