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Shall I take iron pills or iron nutrients to raise my hemoglobin (Hb)

Despite iron a support for hbv I want to take it because I am on antivirals and undetectable DNA. Now that I know I have to take antiviral lifelong and no other measure I can do to get rid of this virus then y not start living like a normal individual who want to eat freely develop nutritional quality and have good physique.
I also want to take anabolic steroids to develop my dream body.
Someone could tell me if I can take iron for Hemoglobin (Hb) and steroids for bodybuilding while on antivirals and good control on hbv???
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I found out one article on the net. If someone could add on his opinion that would be appreciable..

It is important to remember that patients with hepatitis B and C may develop anemia as a result of autoimmune hemolytic anemia[1] and rarely aplastic anemia/pancytopenia. Thus not all anemia is a result of chronic disease.

Furthermore, iron overload may be responsible for hepatitis C resistance to ribavirin and interferon (IFN). The serum ferritin level appears to influence the type of IFN response achieved. In one study, those patients with hepatitis B infection and a serum ferritin level > 300 ng/mL failed to respond to IFN in 93% of the cases studied.

Hepatitis C virus-related liver damage is characterized by increased iron storage (possibly induced by the virus), which elicits a free-radical-mediated peroxidation, with consequent steatosis and activation of glutathione turnover. In some animal studies, the use of iron has increased activity in autoimmune diseases but, as far as I am aware, not the activity of hepatitis.

In hemodialysis patients, serologic evidence of hepatitis seems not to affect the response to iron supplementation significantly; and unless the hepatitis is active, the chances are small that IV iron would worsen or precipitate an acute flare of hepatitis. It is prudent, however, to monitor iron status, response to therapy, and evidence of hepatitis recrudescence in such patients.
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Hi brother i am on whey protein from past 3 months and it has done wonders for me in terms of energy and muscle growth but i got it from us with any sugar and flavours .Can see good muscle growth too
also i am on tenofovir too from almost 1 year. when i was unknown about my hep b i had used anabolic steroid like danabol and decca durabol they will make you look good for sometime but when you wont use them than you will see your hairs falling and muscle going away....i lost my hairs at age of 25...they have the probability to **** your liver too so whey protein is fine but don’t use steroids .....cheers!
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Ya u lose hairs on steroids that's a known side effect of it. Liver is not compromised if u don't abuse it and use rationally. I don't prefer artificial source of protein like whey though they recommend it as natural which actually it is not. Concern was about steroids and iron. Anyways nice feedback and experience thanks.
iron is very bad, i had Hb at the lower limit of normal many years and took folate and vit b12 to correct it instead of iron, it worked.iron is used by viruses and bacteria and body may lower iron as a strategy to weaken viruses and bacteria this is mainly why i choose not to take iron
Hmm Thanks Steff for the wonderful ans. U might be right but do antivirals not take control over the virus and render us from ill effects of it. Thus in such low viremia iron can be taken to some extent. Anyways I got u and prefer not to take iron pills but I think natural iron sources can be taken in low viremia state.
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folate plus vit b12 methyl type, iron is not good and best try folate +b12
steroids can easily ruin your health and cannot be used on hbvers, you can do the same with hard work and epimedium (horny goat weed) which raises testosterone levels naturally with almost no sides
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