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Sharing water bottle, Chance of getting Hep ?

Hi there.

I have no records of Hep before.

Recently, ive shared a bottle of Soda with my niece aged 11. I am pretty sure there were saliva involved during the drinking. Ive a slight cut on my lips due to dry lips.

Is there any possibility of her or myself getting Hep a,b,c?

Thank you very much for your answer.
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ask her if she has any hepatitis, it is easier

probability is low anyway and you have vaccine and immune globulins for A and B
hcv is fully curable now, ask her if she had any infection
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Thank you for your reply stef.

Nope, apparently she does not have any hepatitis.

Probably i'm quite paranoid due to having a small cut on my lips where it will combine with the saliva during the drinking process.

Is it possible that the virus could be transmitted this way?

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