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Sore mouth, french kiss, and hep b

Hi all,

I've just having french kiss with a hooker. (twice, duration : <1 minute for each french kiss)
Unfortunately, i have sore in my mouth; i dunno whether she has sore or not
Currently i'm living in south-east asia.
I'm really afraid about hep b
i read that hep b can spread through saliva
though, there is also another opinion about that

Please give me reliable answer since there is many confusing opinion around internet

Thanks in advance
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If you are worried see a Doctor for tests. Then either they will say you are fine or give you help so you will be.
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hbv has no symthoms and anyway you dont get thru saliva and not after right after a kiss.you can get hbv vaccine if you like (double check for toxic addictives free brands)

as an adult even if you get it you ll clear it, the only study we have found, done these last years, found about 2% the adults going to chronic, which is pratically nobody

what you find on the internet can be a lot of trash and most of what is reported is wrong from decades ago belief
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less than 20% can have symtoms but they are never due to hbv but to immune system of some which overreacts
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