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Test for hepatitis B

I was just diagnosed with active Hepatitis B.  I don't do drugs and only have had one partner, my husband. My husband went to his doctor today and told him I was Hep B positive (Hep B core IGM reactive) and would like to be tested.  Why would the doctor tell him he didn't need to be tested and that my doctor is most likely wrong?  Years ago I use to go to my husband's doctor but haven't for several years.    I think he should have encouraged him to get a test.  My husband left the office without a test.  Why would this be so
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I have had similar problem, although I  my wife was Hep B vaccinated. So it took me a year to calm down and went to get tested again. Guess what results came back with ? That I was vaccinated. Lab error ? Who knows I suggest you relax and don’t stress and get re tested in different clinic.
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