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Testing Question Please Advise

I took a few HBV tests after a one night stand.

HBcAB, IgM was NEGATIVE at 8 weeks post exposure.

HBcAB, IgM was NEGATIVE again at 14 weeks post exposure.

HBsAg was also NEGATIVE at 14 weeks post exposure.

I've had no symptoms really, these tests were just included in my STD panel.

Can I be confident I am NOT infected with HBV?
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U are not infected but keep in mind for the future that hbv has no sympthoms especially when it gets chronic and never gets chronic on adults (only about 2-3%)
today is not viruses to kill but food, eat frech organic and zero processed or gmo foods and sugar and u ll get no diseases
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Thank you. So eat clean and I'll be fine. To confirm though, I am not actively infected with Hep B?

Should I get vaccinated?
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Its up to you as adults get chronic on such low percentage and vaccines may also have sides, metals, mercury...
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Also consider if you live in countries where hbv is spread among all population so you have high exposure or not
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I'm kind of confused. I live in California in the U.S. Does this matter?
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