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This Site is the best Use of innternet I have ever made

I tested positive to Hep B last October, and I thought my world had fallen already. I doubt I had ever heard of it in my life before the diagnosis. And to think I'm a graduate. Prepared for the worse, I set out to google about it and know what it was about. What I read about it on Wiki was frightening and scaring. I continued searching for more info and bumped into this site. Wow, in my almost a decade of using the internet, what I got to know on this site was the MOST USEFUL use I have ever put internet to. I interacted with people living the condition and got a lot of useful info. By God's grace, at least, with the info I got here, my psychology has improved. I get a lot of soothing advice here everyday. I see a lot of people that have managed this infection for decades here.

Just an appreciation from a Nigerian.
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Thanks for this post.

As I said many times before, there are good people here.  I guess that's the one positive aspect of HepB, it connects people regardless of where you are from.
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I totally agree.

When I was first diagnosed, everything I read was so confusing until I found this site and Steven, Zelly and Cajim helped me to better understand my condition and better educate myself.
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