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Treatment result - TDF

Just want to share results of HEP B treatment using TDF of my son (now 26 y.o)

HBsAG 43,205.18 IU/ML

Results from TDF treatment

                               HBsAG (in IU/ML)
After 3 months    :  11,570.50
After 4 months    :    6,029.41
After 6 months    :    3,482
After 9 months    :    1,461
After 12 months  :       936
After 15 months  :       928
After 18 months  :       542.21
After 21 months  :       429.87
After 25 months  :       405
After 29 months  :       427.43
After 32 months  :       332.35 (March 2016)
After 36 months :        375 (July 2016)
After 42 months :        394 (December 2016)
After 45 months :        175 (April 2017)

HBeAG still positive

SGPT/SGOT always normal
HBV DNA undetected
USG results: normal
Fibroscan: 5.5

I do hope that HBsAG Quantitative  will continue decline. The plan is to add Pegilated Interferon once the HBsAG is under 100.

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Hello i am also in the same state as your son is i am 24 yrs old and on tdf from last 4 months hbeag + too
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Thank you for the interesting data. They do seem to represent a very rapid decine in HBsAg, especially in the first year. I wonder whether you have your son's ALT in the few months before he started TDF?
All the best.
Alt baseline was 67. A month after taking TDF, ALT increased to 200 and his doctor provided him with medication to decrease it which he did not take. The following months ALT decreased till normal level as it is now.
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Why add the Peg Interferon if the numbers are moving in the right direction with TDF mono?
you are right lots of side effects with peg inf
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hasilnya sekarang gimana?
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