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I will like to ask if anyone has experienced this, i was diagnosed on February 2019 and as at the time, my ALT was 48,my hbeag was non reactive, my hbeag antibody was reactive, my viral load was undetectable. But i was having this symptoms such as chronic fatigue, bitter taste in the tongue, yellow urine, and i feel heat from within me. My alt has beem fluctuating since then, it rose to 55, then later to 220,and later back to 120 and later to 75 and in September 2019, iy rose to 377 aftet 3 days, it rose to 650 and after 4 days it reduced to 370 and after 4 days it reduce to 290 and after about 5 days it reduce to 196,it was 196 when i last checked. I have been to 6 different specialist and they all say my hbvdna viral load is not detected and they can not      place me on anti viral medicine. I also tested for auto immune hepatitis and it came back negative, i also did liver biopsy and nothing significant was found other than hepatitis b. I did fibroscan and sonography and the result came back normal.. The specialist keeps say my symptoms and elevated liver enzymes is not as a result of hepatitis b. My billiburin ia also normal. Please is there anyone who has experience such or have any idea of what the problem could be.i do not take alcohol since February 2019 when i was diagnosed, i also watch what i eat, i started taking fruits since when i was diagnosed, but nothing really changed Thank you all for your response.
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I have had many HBV symptoms since an exposure 2 years ago however I’ve always tested negative for all markers.

I am told I am healthy but don’t feel healthy and know something just isn’t right. No doctor will listen to me and I’m so frustrated and worried.

How did you come in contact with the virus? What time was it between exposure and diagnosis? What were your initial symptoms? Why do you consider yellow urine a symptom? Did you ever have detectable DNA or HbsAg?
I was diagnosed in February 2019, before then i had no idea i have hbv, so i really do not know when i contacted it, but my hbsag at diagnos was about 30,000 iu/m but the viral load was undetectable and have done the viral load up to 7 times this year and it's always below 20 or below 10 iu/m, the symptoms includes feeling heat from within, bitter taste in the mouth, chronic fatigue, elevated liver enzyme as explained above
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I hope you get the answers you need but my understanding is that most articles say no treatment to be given if viral load undetectable but I’ve read in some articles elsewhere that abnormal ALT and symptoms would warrant treatment. Maybe go for an opinion with a new liver specialist if you feel you need to
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