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Updated result and first SAG quant

Heb B DNA values / ALT / AST
Oct 2015 - DNA 40 IU/mL, ALT - 16, AST - 17
Jan 2016 - DNA 150 IU/mL, ALT - 17, AST - 21
After that started vitamin D3 (10,000 IU / daily)
April 2016 - DNA 90 IU/mL, ALT - 17, AST - 13 , VitD3 - 74.4 ng/mL
Jul 2016 - DNA 240 IU/mL, ALT - 17, AST - 18
Oct 2016 - DNA 50 IU/mL, ALT - 12, AST - 13
Jan 2017 - DNA 71 IU/mL, ALT - 14, AST - 12
Same HBV DNA test , the same day but at different lab DNA 107 IU/mL
HBSAG quant - 349 IU/mL (first test)
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349....very lucky
Thanks Stef2011, do you think I would benefit from interferon? Or should I leave it?
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Nice result ! :) I guess your doctor won't advise interferon because you are typical inactive carrier and hcc risk is  comparable now to the person who cleared from chronic. I assume that you have F0 or F0/F1 max from Fibroscan ?
From the other side with such low HBsAg you've got decent chance to clear, so hard decision.
Hi Sorte, I'm in the US and to my knowledge there is no Fibroscan. I know I did the Fibrosure blood test and it was negative. Not sure how helpful that is. Also I just realized that you are Polish, me too. I'm planning to go to Poland for a few weeks in March. Right now I'm thinking whether I want to see some doctors there but with the result like that not sure what else they can suggest other than interferon.
Wrong. I live in us and I did fineosscan
None of my doctors offered this test to me.
Insurance will not cover it. You need to pay between 200 or 350 something like that. Tell your doctor
It is covered by some insurance if it is in network provider.
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Just did my first fibroscan today in Poland. It came out at 3.3kPa
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That is very low 3.3 so very good
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