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Viral load UND (<3.8 iu/ml) but ALT is 2.5 times

I am on Tenofovir (Tenvir) for last 2 years. Viral load is undetectable, but ALT is high.

Is there something I should do? Some suggest adding Liv-52 or liv-52HB, to help liver heal.

Any suggestions?

Also old timers - any success with your treatment?
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you should do nothing, normal alt are not good because it means your immune system is clearing and detecting no virus.those with the highest alt while hbvdna und on nucs have more immune activity in the liver and hbsag decrease slowly by time (usually after the third year)

if alt is normal, hbsag is stable and the antivirals clears no virus making toxic damage by the years, at least after about 7 years of tdf you should find a low hbsag which will be easily cleared by new drugs like myrcludex or intf
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Did you track you HbsAg quantity over the last 2 years?  Would be interesting to know if it goes down.
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When I asked for HBsAg quantity test, doctor said - "we already know you are +ve and viral load is enough".

I am not sure how to get this test done.

Regarding Stef's comment, I feel heavy on the right upper abdomen (liver area) at times and the ALT is ranging between 74 and 111 during last 2 years.

You have given some hope that I HBsAg quantity is coming down, but if this test can be ordered in US, that truly helps. If such test is allowed in US can someone let me know how to ask for it?

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The other question that lingers on all people who are on TDF is "side effects".

I feel join pains last few months. Not sure it is just the aging process or due to this drug.

Any others on TDF feel anything different?
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"we already know you are +ve and viral load is enough".

this is a talking like a car seller, we know you have it and we want you to buy the drug we dont care if you can cure it and reduce hbsag, we just care for it positive...what a butcher, if i happen to meet such a ignorant a°°......i better not say
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tell the ignorant a°° to update or go back to study, hbvdna is just used as responce to drug and not hbv curing and hbsag is the main test today to show hbv cure
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as to liver damage risk and hcc risk fibroscan, genotype and bcp/precore re better tests than hbvdna
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