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Viral load down without treatment

October 2019 did blood test viral load was 210.000.000 ui/ml hbv dna quant log 8.30 ui/ml. And now in january 11 2020 viral load 137.800.789 ui/ml hbv dna quant log 8.13 ui/ml. What makes it low ? And what id hbv dna quant ?
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A high viral load is usually an indication of 2 things. 1.) This is an acute infection going to clear itself 2.) This is a very long term chronic infection that has been active for quite a bit of time. HBV DNA quantity tends to fluctuate. When mine when "active", it started to creep up a lot. 14,000.... 450,000..... 2 million... 14 million..... and right before I started treatment, it was going down on it's own. However, it does not mean you are clearing. It could go down and then back up and down again and back up, etc. You need more tests to determine if you are chronic or acute before anyone can answer anything. I'd suggest talking to the doctor first and ask for a full panel and if it's offered, get a hbsag in quantitive test as well.
Thank u I am chronic hepatitis b.. what treatment are you on ? What is your view on vemlidy and entactivir ?
At the moment, I am on Vemlidy. I was previously on Viread (at least I think I was, it was a clinical trial) and I feel Vemlidy is less harmful to the body. Unfortunately, I do not know long term effects. One day, I hope to be on nothing at all and be cured of this disease. I've been on meds for 6 years now between these two. I never went to entacivir but def discuss with your doctor if you are considering treatment. Some meds treat certain conditions and genotypes better than others.
Any side effects from vemlidy ?
hellolove228 to be honest with you, I could not tell you. My body has not been the same since this all went active back in 2013 in me. I mean, I have seen a cyst on my kidneys and also 2 polyps now on my gallbladder since I've started treatment. However, if I recall correctly, one polyp was already there at baseline and I think the cyst was also there too. It has grown but not at an alarming rate. I'm blaming my diet over the years on that, and these past few months have been much better with that. They really watch your kidney functions and bone density on this, along with the ultrasound. I also developed fatty liver and a lesion on the liver but it was so small and again, I blame diet more than anything else. Maybe the first week or so, I felt a bit nauseous but that as about it.
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as other members said hbvdna uop and down or undetectable means nothing it normally goes up and undetectable for long periods or all life in chronic carriers.hbsag quantity is the only parameter that tells if you are clearing actute or chronic infection, check it asap.and if you want to see if liver has any damage wait few months if ast/alt were levated and check fibroscan or if alt/ast were not very high you can also check it now
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Your doctor would tell you this change is not clinically significant. Viral load fluctuate every day those numbers are only a snapshot of a moment in time.
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