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Hey. Male, 38 years old. My name is Yuri.
I have HBV, has been known since 1999, in 2008 the DNA of more than 10 * 8 copies, ALT 90, Hbeag, METAVIR F2, began therapy with ETV, after five months on TDF has changed, because the DNA is less than 7 * 10 * 4 copies are not reduced after switching to TDF in two months less than 400 copies of DNA.
And August 2012 will be 4 years of therapy. ALT 16, F0 Metavir, Hbeag (no seroconversion).
I read that some patients taking simvastatin with Viread, with no indications to receive simvastatin. My question is - why?
If so effectively, what is it?
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there are in vitro data that sim boosts nucs potency, no data in vivo

but it doens t make sense to add sim to tdf because tdf has no effect on hbv cccdna and antigens.to clear hbv it makes sense to add on peginterferon to tdf especially if your hbvdna is suppressed 4 years
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I have a desire to try peginterferon, but we need to know exactly what will be good.
Genotype D, Hbeag positive, Hbsag 18,000 IU (Abbott Architect), IL 28B CC / TT, F0 metavir now.
The question is how effective - add a peg to the virid, or my idea to cancel virid, ALT (SGPT), racing up and try to peg?
In Russia, the planned Phase 2 study myrcludex B, but I do not fit within their selection criteria in clinical trials.
In the future, what do you think about the effect of treatment myrcludex,after prolonged therapy  TDF, or a variant of IFN+MYR?
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of treatment after prolonged therapy  TDF myrcludex, or a variant of IFN+MYR?
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use search box within this communit and look for the post"add on peginterferon to stable antiviral" or similar words

add on after 3-7 years under nucs had a 90% response and soemthing like 40-50% clearance at 48weeks if i remember correct, the others were kept on combo for 2 years and all extremely low hbsag at 48weeks

you can see i am trying imiquimod which makes your own cells produce intf, if it fails i ll try tdf+intf maybe end of sept.imiquimod makes more intf than peg but it is experimental and as peg it can have heavy sides
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Another question - I am taking a combo TDF + legalon 140 (capsules) + ursofalk times. (After DNA negative)
In a have you tried this combination for the best regression of fibrosis?
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Can you please share some information about 'the planned Phase 2 study myrcludex B' ? Information like when are they starting the trial, selection criteria, duration would be useful.
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For a start, where information - http://maxwellbio.com/en/portfolio/hepatera/products
It was further correspondence with them - http://maxwellbio.com/en/portfolio/hepatera/contacts
Responded that the first study is planned for autumn 2012.
Later on Russian forums there is information on the recruitment of clinical research, contacts doctor (Doctor - Edward Burnevich, e-mail: eduard.z.burnevich @ mtu-net.ru) without specifying the name of the drug.
In correspondence with him, he pointed out the main criterion
A). HBsAg +
2). HBeAg-
3). HBeAb +
4). HBV DNA greater than 1x10 4 degrees copies / mL
5). ALT greater than 2 standards
No co-infection and other diseases of the liver.
The presence of a liver biopsy and the possibility of frequent hospital.
About the name of the drug said that he could not yet provide such information, no ethics committee approval.
Only the fact that the drug injection, administered subcutaneously, and is scheduled until three months, the control group - entecavir three months.
Towards the top it will have detailed information that he can give.
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