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Virus count increased from 607 (5/2020), 1980 (9/2020) to 4310 (12/2020), alarming?

Long time following this forum;
I'm 63 and probably infected around 12 yrs. old. Didn't get sick until 30 yrs. old but became chronic.
Virus count has been below 1,000 all these years but start rising since September, now at 4,310 iu/ml.
How bad is this increase? Should I start medication? If so, which one is good?
I notice my virus count started going up after I took berberine supplement (July, 2020) to lower my cholesterol.  
I wonder anything to do with berberine.
Thank you in advance for any insight.
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viral load is not very high but it is not the only and main reason to start antivirals, liver damage is also important anyway i would start tenofovir or better TAF so you start to weaken the virus and it will be easier to clear it on new cures that will be approved following years.you also lower a lot the chance of liver cancer
Hi stef2011 am chronichepb , viral load is over billions, f0 fibrosis , steatotis grade is s2, should I take treatment right away? I told doc I want to wait.
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Thank you stef2011 for prompt response to my question. Really appreciated!

I'm going to see my doctor tomorrow and it is good to know the proper drugs to take.

Do I have to worry about my kidney function while taking  tenofovir or TAF?

I have mildly enlarged fatty liver (12/2020 ultrasound), normal alt,ast, AFP (2.7). I'm in the US.

Thanks again stef2011 for your help.
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This happened to me except I didn't know I was infected at all. I had a blood test that at first showed me as in inactive carrier with a low viral load, then 2 weeks later it was increasing and then kept increasing over the course of a few months and I was not well at all when this occurred. As it turned out, I was a chronic carrier that went ACTIVE. Apparently I was told this isn't a bad thing, easier to treat and may give you a better chance at clearing the virus down the road.

As for TAF, it's safe but definitely keep monitoring your kidney functions every month and be sure to keep an eye on those bones as well.
Are you able to monitor kidney functions every month ? I'm on tenofovir for almost a year now, my doctor checks my kidney functions once every 4,5 months.
Hi luckyman316
Am chronichepb , viral load is over billions, f0 fibrosis , steatotis grade is s2, should I take treatment right away? I told doc I want to wait. Do u think I can wait
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Thank you luckyman316  for sharing your experience.
Seems we have similiar situation.
I'll see what drug my doctor going to ask me to take tomorrow.
Thank you.
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At your age the virus count of 4000 and probably being HBeAG -, it’s probably best according to the guidelines.  

Wish you the best
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Yes it never a good thing to go on anti viral meds. But at 63, it’s the best end of the spectrum for treatment.  You had 30+ years of clear free of virus.  

There are people in their 20,30,40 that are taking these meds without an end point. Taking such strong medicine for long periods of time cannot be good for the body and if there resistance it just becomes worse news.

10 years from 63, 15 years from 63... it’s like a life as hep b did not effect you at all
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I think if you drink one cup of coffee every other day you might clear the virus.
I have been drinking coffee over the past 40 yrs. No help so far.
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Something in your diet probably changed. It is also possible that maybe something in the supplement is affecting your absorption of  some nutrient. Take a look at your diet and try to figure out what changed lately.
I recall my virus count started to go up after taking berberine 500 mg daily 2 months before my blood test. I took it to lower my blood sugar but it didn't help. Instead my virus count has gone up.
All these years, I never took any berberine.
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