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Vit D dose adjustment!

Hello everyone!
kindly help stef,studyforhope and castlecrag other members.
Stef i read ur post on vit d and other post on this forum.i found it very helpful.after reading ur post stef i suggest my friend to have 25oh vit d test who is chronic hbv carrier.now plz help him adjusting vit D3 dose.
He is on tdf since jan 2016.
Thanx in anticipation.
1) i m not getting from ur post what dose is more 1000ul or 10.000ul of vit D3.
2) is every vit d3 tablet have calcium salt with it.if yes.is this a reason of cuting of milk products while on vit D3 tablets.
3) what test should be performed while on vit D3.
Here are his lab reslts.

Jan 2016:1746 ui/ml
July 2016: undectable

July 2016:4245 ul/ml

July 201: 19.9ng/ml

july 2016 47.8pg/ml

Serum Ca
July 2016 :9.4mg/dl

Jan 2016: 11.1kpa

Jan 23u/L
April 39u/L
July 51u/L

all other lfts are also normal.no pain anywhere.going to hav ultrasound this week.kindly comment on his profile.
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your friend seems Vit d3 deficient with his 19.9 ng/ml result and 47.8 pg/ml intact pth (which does not exceed laboratory limits but on the higher side). He shall start with 10000 (ten thousand) iu/ml daily and after a couple of months take intact pth, vitd3 and serum Ca tests again to watch the progress. Primary goal is to decrease intact pth level and to make sure Ca level stays between normal values. His Ca level is normal, he shall also take k2 vitamin to prevent its increase. Not all vit d3 has calcium, there are pure brands you can prefer. I think softjel ones are better for absorption, also if it includes olive oil it is better for absorption and it is better to take it with meal. The reason to limit Ca intake is very high levels of Vitd3 may increase blood Ca level which may be harmful in the long term. With a 10000 iu/ml daily dose and vit k2 I don't think it will cause a problem but taking serum Ca tests periodically will be a safer approach.
Tanx alot.may god bless u :)
Mistake * these are not AST values.these are of ALT 23,39,51
I  don't have much experience with Vitamin D, so I will leave the details to others. It seems your friend is low in Vitamin D, so supplement will be useful, plus change in diet and regular exposure to sun will also help. It is still an open question whether low Vitamin D level causes high hbvdna, but there seems to be an association.
You friend seems to have responded well to Tenofovir; as his Fibroscan score is high, it is essential that he continues treatment. Regular cups of coffee may also help. The ALT is rising a little bit, but with undetectable viral load, it may just be normal fluctuation or some immune reaction.
Tanx very much stephenCastlecrag.
Kindly  help me members.plz coment on this.
Kindly tell about vit k2 dosage.
And should he avoid milk products even he takes vitD3 tablets alone without calcium in it?
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Here tablet are available with max quantity of 2000 ui vit D3.can he take 5 tablets a day? Or should he search for other having 10000 iu in it?
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