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Vitamin D effect

Three months ago I started daily regiment of vitamin D3 (8000 IU). The reason for that was a small spike in Hep B DNA value and recommendation of this forum.

Heb B DNA values / ALT / AST
October 2015 - DNA 40 IU/mL, ALT - 16, AST - 17
January 2016 - DNA 150 IU/mL, ALT - 17, AST - 21
After that started vitamin D3 (8000 IU / daily) / sorry no baseline results
April 2016 - DNA 90 IU/mL, ALT - 17, AST - 13
VitD3 - 74.4 ng/mL

As you see, there is a postive impact of vitamin D3 so I'm planning to increase the Vitamin D3 dosage to 12,000 IU to see if I can reduce it even further. I will keep you posted. Background: 36 male, not on antivirals.
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take also intact pth because the test vitd25oh cannot give vitamin d levels, it is very poor sensibility, it can only confirm sufficiency but to confirm you reached max normal levels you also need intact pth

the effect on immune system is very strong after 6months of stable intact pth at minimum normal range
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Thanks Stef, I will add it next time.
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With such low hbv dna you should rather monitor hbsag quantitive.
Change of hbv dna from 40 to 150 or 90 is meaningless.
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I'm in the US so there is no SAG quant testing available.
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July 2016 - DNA 240 IU/mL, ALT - 17, AST - 18
As you see there is a jump from 90 to 240. The problem is from the last test I increased the VitD3 from 8000 to 10000 daily.
I din't think it had anything to do with vit D. With such low levels these fluctuations are totally normal. Even without the vit d if you did your tests every month you'd see the numbers go up and down a little.
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90 to 240 is meaningless. There would be a difference if you would jump to 900 or 90000. HBsAg quantitive made once or twice a year would be more interesting.
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if you take two samples different labs you could see much bigger changes, as said such little difference has no meaning                                
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