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Vitamin D supplements may suppress the immune system and worsen certain conditions!

Vitamin D in large quantities works like prednisone to hide the inflammation

A new study published in Science Daily (Jan 27, 2008) suggests that vitamin D supplements may suppress the immune system and worsen certain conditions. The researchers acknowledge that vitamin D from sunlight is important for health. In the past years several studies have shown that vitamin D deficiencies contribute to many diseases, including a number of autoimmune diseases.

Prevalence of Vitamin D Deficiency

Today, many doctors order blood tests for 25-hydroxy vitamin D. Results show that vitamin D deficiency is common in people of all ages. In another report published in Science Daily in July, 2007, researchers reported that many otherwise healthy children and adolescents have low vitamin D levels. The article reports that vitamin D deficiency puts children at risk for bone diseases such as rickets.

In adults, vitamin D deficiency contributes to bone loss, causing conditions of osteopenia and osteoporosis. Vitamin D deficiency is also widely seen in patients with multiple sclerosis. Vitamin D deficiency is considered an environmental risk factor for autoimmune disease.

Problems with Supplements

Trevor Marshall, Ph.D. a professor at Australia?s Murdoch School of Biological Medicine and Biotechnology explains that increased ingestion of vitamin D affects more than bone health. The Vitamin D receptor, a protein on cells that reacts with vitamin D molecules is involved in the repression or transcription of hundreds of genes associated with diseases ranging from cancers to multiple sclerosis. The Vitamin D receptor also regulates innate immunity particularly the body?s natural antimicrobial peptides.

By persistently activating the Vitamin D receptor with vitamin D3 supplements, other natural proteins are prevented from reacting with the vitamin D receptor. This ultimately suppresses the immune system.

Natural Vitamin D

Normally, the body receives adequate vitamin D from 10-15 minutes of daily exposure to the sun. The skin absorbs vitamin D, which it stores and utilizes as needed. Supplements, by binding to the Vitamin D receptor, block natural vitamin D hormone. Marshall?s study, which has been confirmed by other researchers, shows that even normal doses of vitamin D supplements can suppress the proper operation of the immune system and interfere with the regulation of gene expression for more than 1,000 genes.

In addition, Marshall writes that vitamin D deficiency may be a sign of disease rather than a cause of disease.

Vitamin D Deficiency Study Raises New Questions about Disease and Supplements, written in collaboration with the Autoimmunity Research Foundation, Science Daily, Jan 27, 2008

Low Vitamin D Levels May be Common in Otherwise Healthy Children, Science Daily, July 10, 2007.

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again useless trash, these are only suppositions they dont even made large human studies on this but just thoughts.
well i have made a study on fly pigs and the pink pigs actually fly

when you read studies always remember to read how they are done and who s behind.
hiv virus is not isolated and purificated until today, a very easy task but nobody ever did it and look at all the studies and money wasted on hiv without a cure and even without a reliable test on it because it has never been purificated....this can easily explain how studies need to be correclty read
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vit d human studies just proved in humand vit d activates macrophages and lymphoes and henance immune response in viral diseases and cancer while suppress immune system in autoimmune diseases
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Ok maybe you are 100% right with natural Vitamin D3 from sun. But the problem is with supliment ingestion of vitamin d3. And natural vitamin D3 is not found in large quantities in food (eggs, fish oil and the list stops) in contrast with supliment that have large quantities from 1000 IU to 10.000 IU and maybe the ingestion of this quantity is harm for our health. For ex. on the prospect of Vitamin D3 made by Merk people with sarcoidosis should not take Vitamin D3 beacause sarcoidosis itself increase vitamin d3 levels. Maybe vitamin D3 is harmless 100% if is a natural supliment because Merk is a company that produces syntetic supliments. Can you recomend us some good brands o natural vitamin d3 supliments? Thx.
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