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Guys did anyone has any information about stef. His one of the active member of the forum and I notice he has not been making comments again. Please guys I want to you how one of us is faring. Thanks
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I guess he may be on vacation.
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I also noticed same and was wondering to myself the same thing.
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i dont check and post often because the website is really messy i really dont like it
Stef I hear you on that but its improving in fairness. I do hope your well :)
Hi Stef2011, nice to hear from you; but I've to say I don't agree with your opinion that "the website is really messy". In my view, the website is absolutely doing what it is supposed to do; a place where people could ask health related issues and get a response from other forumes.
I don't know how you log in to the website; I use my pc with windows 10, and have no problem at all.
@stef2011, am very happy to hear from you, please we need you hear you are source of encouragement and strength to most of us fighting this virus. Please and please we need you to make comments on the forum.Thanks
Liverpatient if you compare how the previous structure of the website compares to the current one it was far more effecient!
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Hi Stef, how have you been doing lately ? i noticed too you aren't to much around anymore, and yeah, the website looks awful
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We need you here Stef. I personally have benefitted a lot from you in managing my health.
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Hi Stef
I too was wondering.... Nice to hear from you. Its your answer to my symptoms that led me to check my vitamin D levels, i started taking 10000iu caps and what a difference it made. Thanks a lot man! How are you doing?
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Believe it or not the reason I came back to this forum was to see if there was any new post from him. I too was wondering what happened to him as well.
Glad to hear from him.
Thank God he is ok.
Stef2011, has been more than a help to this community. I have informed my doctor about him. Thanks to Stef2011 I know more about Hepb (do/don'ts) than your average family doctor. Stef2011 won't sugar coat nothing  just tell it how he see it. yes! After many years on this forum I have never questioned his opinion and I found it if not all most of it to be accurate.
Stef2011, we need you very much please come visit and post.
By the way what is your take on TAF? I just start taking TAF instead of TDF. May God bless
i ll be taking TAF too because my kidneys are getting damaged by tdf (cystatin C a little out of range) at my point it doesn t matter potency of tdf/taf hbsag is low and i am on the 7th year of antivirals so little to worry
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thanks, it all came out naturally, it's our common battle on hbv and i think that most of us will clear it even on antivirals after 1-2 decades of use
Stef, I too, been taking tdf for the last 7 years and so far so good. Everything is normal except I am still hbsag  positive but, quantity wise I don't know how much I have.
Thank you brother. Again it is good to hear from you.
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Stif2011 is one of the best scholars we own here in this forum and the life is goes on because of his supports and encouragements. Glad to see his comments again.
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