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What is my Hepatitis Infection Status

Every morning I wake up with a hate for virus that is living in me. Everyday I search for cure. I kow everybody who is having hepatitis B is having the same feelings.

I was vaccinated for Hepatitis B in Dec 2016. I was positive for hbsag in Jun 17.
Then I tested hbeag negative
Anti hbeag positive
ALT 29
Viral Load 6250 iu/ml
Fibro Scan 4.2My doc did not suggest any treatment.
what to do. Is it ok
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Hey! I can totally relate to what you're going through, so far since I have to come to know about my diagnosis, it's always been the first thing on my mind when I wake up and the last thing  before bed. There's hope that a cure might come but realising it's atleast 5 years away is kinda depressing. But there's nothing we can do really about it besides being proactive about our liver health.
Your DNA levels are slightly higher than they should be but your ALT is normal. Plus your fibroscan score shows no fibrosis so treatment is likely not warranted.
When do you think you got the infection? Does your mom have it too?
no .. my mom did not have it. I guess I got it from dental treatment. I really don't know when I was infected. it  was only reveled when I wanted to donate blood
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This 5 years thing has been arround for so long time now.
Yeah I know what you mean but in all honesty, it's only recently that major breakthroughs in the pathway to HBV cure have been achieved, and all previous attempts were all mostly trial and error. For example, it was the recent development of an improved cell culture system that enabled scientist's to study and cure HCV, and since turned their efforts towards HBV for a similar feat. Also, just this year, this cell culture was further modified to allow cccnda formation in these cell cultures and has enabled scientists to study the biology of cccnda closely, and identify it's vulnerabilies. This is massive progress and will enable a cure for sure!
it is so encouraging to hear. Let us pray so that our wait for the cure ends.
I also heard about the success story of NASVAC in cuba.
Anybody knows about it
No, abivax failed. It didn't fare well in the phase 3 trials and was subsequently terminated.
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Oh my God.... What happen to us? I thougth abx203 is our new hope to cure totally chb.
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