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What is the reason of weight loss

I am hep b, I have lost 2 kg in one month. is it due the hepatitis b or something else.

Please help....very stressed.
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Please guys, anyone have lost weight on Hep B
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ssdpostive - You will be fine. Just talk to your doctor. You've already answered your question regarding the weight lost and 2 kg is nothing to worry about probably water weight. You're under stress obviously and that could be the cause not necessarily Hep B. Were you losing weight before your Hep diagnosis, i guess not.  So relax and talk to your doctor.  You're not the only one. We all have stress time to time but that will pass.  
Thank you brohim for your words
Yes right it's the stress and improper routine.
Thank you Jatashankar
Hep B usually makes you gain weight.
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