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What want Peginterferon Alfa-2a ?

I am Going to Take Peginterferon Alfa-2a For 48 weeks  Trearment , And I wanna to know .... How Can i Avoid Side-effect When i am on Peginterferon  Treatment ?

Question: 1 )   What Should i Do Before take Peginterferon and also what also 2 hours ago ?

2)  What Should Not Do After and Before Take Peginterferon ?

3) Which is Very Risk side-effect sign ?

4) Is There any Oral Drug ( Without antiviral  )  Should i take Before Inject Peginterferon on my body.

5) What type Of Food Should i take when I wil be on Peginterferon Treatment ?

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Your first injection is usually with the nurse. I was very nervous on the first injection. 4 hours later, I got a flu-like symptom. Sleep and take a paracetamol. Not too much as they are bad for the liver.

Tiredness is the most common symptom. Healthy food as always. Try to alkalise your body with fruits and vegetables/juices.

Minimise alcohol or try to avoid completely will be the goal. Take some Vit D3 supplements.

Risky side-effects signs, read the brochure for more detail.

I am currently on 135mcg week 28.

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thanks for your reply .. But i am sorry to say that in my bangladesh ours doctor's are too busy and they are sometime care less about  long time spend for treatment as my wanted.

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make your vitd25oh blood levels to highend of normal.

vit d is known to boost pegintf response but i believe keeping high normal levels may work to keep inflammation lower which is the most annoying pegintf side during therapy (inflammation  is like when you have a flu, it is nneded to make immune system response but too much makes pains and fatigue)
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