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When to expect HepB cure

Hello community, I think this is a question each and everyone of us with chronic hepB is wondering about. When could we expect to have a cure or at least the so called functional cure of the chronic hepatitis B? How far are the prospective drugs like those developed by Replicor from reaching the market? And why has it taken so long time to develop curing drugs against this disease despite the fact that there has been a vaccine against it since the beginning of the 1980's? Is the hepB virus more difficult than HIV to treat? How is it possible that humanity cannot produce a drug against a virus that particularly attacks a single organ-the liver?
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Yesterday only I was studying an article about the future cures. That was quite hopefull. Many of the good drugs are in phase 2 that is a very good sign. Now question is a little same that how long it may take a drug to go to phase 3 from phase 2. I guess 2025 would b an appropriate answer.
Man, 8 years is so looong!
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Bro expecting any drug earlier than that will only lead u to dismay. So better live ur life peacefully and see if something happens in future or not. U might have already read in this forum about a lot of policies and politics that run in developing a new drug. Even I get desperate at times for a cure but ultimately console myself being the only thing in hand. Keep trying the many of natural remedies discussed in this forum as they may likely or may not help u in this hopeless era.
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It is very complicated and nowadays this world is dominated by the so many  Geopoltics, our globe really need a peace to focus on us and cures.
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