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White Oak Bark

Beneficial Uses:

White Oak Bark (the inner bark) is a powerful astringent.  The tannin content has made it one of the most potent treatments that has been used internally and externally for centuries to relieve diarrhea, hemorrhoids, vaginal discharge, vomiting, nosebleeds, womb troubles and dysentery.  The astringency is also effective in cases of excessive menstrual flow and hemorrhages, including hemorrhaging of the lungs, bowels, stomach and spitting of blood.

As a diuretic that increases the flow of urine, White Oak Bark helps to expel mucous discharge, flush out kidney stones and gallstones, and improve the health of the bladder.  It is also said to be helpful for ulcerated bladder or bloody urine.  Moreover, White Oak is believed to normalize the function of the kidney, liver and spleen and has been used to relieve jaundice and other liver ailments.

White Oak Bark is considered a strong antiseptic.  The tannins bind with protein in the tissues, making them impermeable to bacterial invasion and infection, and this action has been very helpful for treating a wide variety of infections, such as vaginal infection (including vaginitis and leukorrhoea), gleet (urethritis), bladder infection, chancre (canker) sores and venereal diseases.   Its diuretic properties enhance many of these applications.

White Oak Bark is considered an anthelmintic.  The phenolic nature of the tannin complex acts as an antiseptic and parasiticide, or agent that destroys and expels worms (including pinworms) and other parasites from the intestinal tract.

When used externally, White Oak Bark's astringency is considered a hemostatic, or substance that helps to stop bleeding.  The tannins also protect injured tissues by precipitating their proteins to form an antiseptic, protective coat under which regeneration of new tissues may take place, and this has been useful in treating burns, wounds, bee stings, skin abrasions and bleeding or infected mouth sores.  White Oak Bark's astringents are utilized in topical medicines to relieve flabby ulcers, in douches for vaginal and cervical discharges and in washes for hemorrhoids.

Further supporting White Oak's astringent qualities, it is said to help relieve goiter and swelling of the neck and varicose veins.  It is also thought to reduce swelling and hard tumors when applied topically.

Recommended Dosage:
Take two (2) capsules, two (2) to three (3) times each day with water at mealtimes.

Currently, there are no known warnings with the use of White Oak Bark; however, it should be noted that prolonged use of astringents is not recommended.

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interesting read bberry. I am kinda getting into the whole homeopathic side of things at the mo. Have you had a look at the cherry juice thing yet. Might help with your immune system.
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i think i will need to order it online rather than going in a store and buying it.. not available in stores.

see, i know this stuff isnt gonna cure but if it helps stablizing one's body and help the immune system so i dont see any harm.

however, one needs to be very careful of all these herbs and vitamins and supliments in general . you really need to your doctor and see what is ok and not ok to take.

i wouldnt take any supliment including white oak bark unless i talked to my doctor first.

i will order the cherry juice by the way..hope not tuch additives as i've refrained myself from soft drinks and juice since being diagnosed
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why have you banned soft drinks and juices? Do these do any harm? I asked my doc last week if there is anything i should or shouldnt be eating or drinking (other than algohol) he said no. He said just to eat healthy diet and coffee was actually quite good for the liver!!!! That suprised me as I thought caffeine was bad.
I havent told my doc about my cherry juice yet, maybe I should call and ask him first. But it is just pure cherry concentrate. The site I got off was cherryactive.co.uk but you will prolly have similar site in US. Also looking into mangosteen juice too.
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hi guys! There a lot of possibilities floating around and I'd like to try them all of course w/ docs approval, so this white oak and cherry juice are obtainable how?  And I'd also like to hear your thoughts on this herbal medicine siddha pls. Thank you
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