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Window for Hep B Transmission Rates

I posted this on question on the Dr. moderated site for HIV/STds and did not receive a clear answer other than I am safe.  The net of it, I had a risky encounter with a prostitute on an overseas business trip Dec 14th (I was never vaccinated for Hep A or Hep B) and upon my return was tested for full STD Panel (including Hep A/B/C and HIV) at 4 and 6 weeks.  All negative.  Am planning on another test at 8 weeks for anxiety sake.

My question is severalfold:
a.) Does Hep B truly take 6 months to show up in your bloodstream? b. ) Regarding transmission, how high is the percentage transmission rate w/o condom? I need to know.  I unfortunately put someone at risk (let them know last week -- the event was Dec 28th) -- it's now too late for them to get vaccinated and I don't know what to do. I understand if you want to kick this off the boards, but I just want some answers based on people that know/experienced  symptoms of Hep B/C.  

I have been ill (very) since the Jan 8th.  Thought I was fine when I returned -- no noticeable bacteria based STDs, but by the first week of Jan something was clearly wrong.  I started with a sore throat + headaches and the following week had massive fatigue/nausea, headaches, etc.  This moved into dehydration/kidney issues/pain on the lower right side/inflamed prostate/abdominal area and since Friday my urine has changed color (specifically in the morning when I wake up) Am very worried.  Any feedback would be appreciated. thx.  Sorry to bother you all.
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Hey there.  Don't want to sound short, but you've got some questions that would truly be answered best by an STD counselor (someone at the STD section of the health department.)  Just go and get it over with is my suggestion. In the meantime, if you want to read about the nitty gritty on all the various things addressed by an STD counselor with STDs and Hep and HIV / AIDS, testing, counseling, etc., set forth by the CDC, here are some links where you can read up on it.  

Best of luck



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just curious..what did the doctors tell u, u didn't say..how bad have symptoms been currently??
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Well I'm in week seven as of this week.  My doctor took a second urine sample today (the last one 5 days ago turned up nothing).  Am not sure what he is looking for.  I tested for all STDS (including HIV PCR DNA and a full Hep A/B/C Panel) at 30 days -- negative.  Retested HIV via ELISA test + full Hep A/B/C Panel again at 6 weeks, again negative.  

Planning on another retest of HIV and Hep A/B/C next week which would place me at 8 weeks if I move ahead with this a week from this Weds.  I did speak with my Dr.  He said that the 3 month mark is important for both although Hep's window is longer.

My current issues: very bad periodic nausea, kidney issues, odd periodic abdominal discomfort, "out of it kind of head haziness", itchiness all over, bizarre feelings in my back, etc.  

Am very worried about the high transmission rates for Hep B.  I had unprotected sex with my ex girlfriend (who already has a bad immune system due to heriditary blood issue) two weeks after the episode with the prostitute.  It was just once unprotected, but twice protected, but I know that is still several times too many.  Did not know that I had a physical problem at the time. Thought that the condoms used with the prostitute on Dec 14th was enough, but I may have been very wrong.

Just moved from Lorazapram to Lexapro today to help with the anxiety.  Feel like HepB at this point is almost a certainty and also feel like I've inadvertantly hurt someone I care deeply for.  Don't know what to say/do.  Have had some very bad thoughts during anxiety attacks... I keep replaying both nights over and over and realize what I an idiot I am.  1.) I did not get vacinatd for Hep B because I never thought I would be in this type of situation 2.) Fingering the prostitute was most likely the transmission route, but who knows) 3.) Not wearing a condom while having sex after this incident, was not smart, but I did not know.  I assumed that since nothing showed up the first two weeks (bacterial) that everything was fine.  We shall see at after the 8 week test assuming i make it that far.  
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Okay folks I need some assistance.  I'm fairly certain I have Hep B, maybe C.  See notes for details.  Have had periodic, but getting worse, nausea since the second week of January and now we are rolling into Feb.  Some headaches, weird body aches, back aches, kidney's operating in overdrive (they periodically hurt), one to one and half weeks of really bad fatigue (the second week of January) etc.  

Tested at 4 weeks (STDS/Hep/HIV), and at almost 6 weeks for Hep panel and HIV.  Urine tested 2x.  Clear thus far, but nausea not stopping.  Today I went in a for some type of mini physical recommended by My Dr.  I don't think he wants to test for Hep yet, wants more distance between the tests, but I am really freaking out.  My psychiatrist moved up my dosage of Lexapro and my nausea is just brutal.  I can't eat when I want to.  

So stressed that I went to a clinic on my own (as I have thus far) and paid for another HIV and Hep panel.  I have read the CDC stuff (even called them today), spoke with my doctor, also the STD clinic and also spoke with the Hep B Foundation (who seemed to be by far the most educated).  The Hep B Foundation folks said that most individuals should test positive by 8 weeks in.  Does this sound right?  Can someone let me know?  Also one thing I have not heard from anyone is the "transmission rate".  i.e. Yes, it's a lot more easy to catch than HIV, but what does that mean exactly?  

Any help would be appreciated.  I am really stressing badly.  Don't know what to do and I am having a difficult time living with the fact that I may have infected a close friend.  Just don't know what to do.  Need help.  Talking with my psych only get's me so far.
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Came across your post seeking all info. i can get,i had a similar incident and im approaching week 8, my first test after over 5 weeks were negetive, bur istarted having pains all over my right side bottom abdomn to ribcage im very nervous i also had a vicious sore throat 2-3 weeks after exposure.can you please be so kind and tell me what those pains were ? you are 3 months out already,,   thanks very much
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Yes, can someone answer how long it takes for hbsag screening and anti hcv to be coclusive? I've heard something about 3 months for hepatitis b and 6 months for hepatitis c?Is it true?
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the outer limit for hep b and c antibody testing is 6 months.  A three month neg test is reliable, a six month neg test is 'good to go.'

Fyi, Hep C is NOT a sexually transmitted disease.  Blood to blood contact is required.

Of course, Hep and Hiv are CLASSIC Stds.

Get tested for all three at 3 months.  this will give you a lot of peace of mind.  Then have a final test at 6 months.  If neg at this time, stop worrying and move on with life.

Finally, shame on you for putting your Gf at risk when you are unsure of your status.  
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I had a wound on my cervix, so i'm frightened of hep c.
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