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Working in Spain

Does anybody know if the Spanish consulate disqualifies a person with hepatitis b to work in Spain? It will be just months, I'll be there for a project, I'll just supervise an on-going construction.

Results are:
HBsAg - reactive
HBeAg - non-reactive
Anti-HBeAg - reactive

I don't have an idea if the medical certificate would require hepa b testing.

Anyone who has an idea?
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no problems at all in europe, you can even be a dentist but you need hbvdna pcr and hbsag quant, the tests you have shown are useless

i think you may find hbvdna pcr in your country

since your country has no tools to monitor hbv once you are in spain look for:
hbsag quant by architect in iu/ml
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you dont need to say you have hbv i believe except for being nurse, dentist and so on
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Thank you so much Stef, I'm really looking forward to this. I will also look for the test especially the hbsag quantification by architect since we dont have this here. As of now I'll try to process asap all the requirements for the visa.
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I just called the accredited clinic of the Spanish consulate here in Manila where the medical examination is done for getting working visa in Spain. They told me that they dont issue 'fit to travel' certificate with conditions reactive in hepa b either inactive or active state. They require waiver from the company so that you'll get the 'fit to travel' certificate from the clinic. Sad because i have to decline the opportunity working in Spain for just months. Also, i will not ask waiver from our company which would jeoperdize my job. I could have earn money for this opportunity, it would really help me a lot for the expenses in maintaining my condition.
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