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Would it be worth it?

Would it be worth it????

The truth is Mycrludex and Replicor are the best options for curing HBV. Due to our NDA I can not release all the details, but I can assure you that both companies are at least 18-36 months away from making market advancements.....However for the scientific mind both drugs can be manufactured in Japan or Switzerland. Your minimum investment would be between 25-50K.
The very best option as a sufferer would be to combine an anti-viral, with short term interferon (to ensure cell turn over) as Mycrludex only blocks reinfection. The interferon would accelerate the cell turnover, the anti-viral will lower HBV-DNA, and the Replicor would promote the HBV anti-body.
The whole process would be less then 6 months.

Would all these companies co-operate on a joint venture NOT likely...Could it be successfully managed as an individual...yes.
Would you need the support of a good chemist...yes
Would your Dr. support you....NOT likely
Would you be cured...yes
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Of the 350 million, 120 million live in China where they suffer horrendous discrimination. Even there, in my humble opinion, most would not contribute to find a cure. There are many reasons, mistrust of scientific research, poverty, and culture. In wealthy countries, number of HepB patients is relatively small and most are getting subsidized treatments and they are relatively contend. Even so, I will be willing to help.
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Trust me, theres tons of people who can give something, poor or rich.. Some will give more some will give less to make up for those who cant afford to.

Are you 100% sure there coming to the market?

Also doesnt replicor cure the disease?
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I'm willing to help!
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why not look for a very updated biolab and chemist as you posted and take care ourselves about getting them done......the most important step is non toxicity and perfect copy or real compounds if yhey are not patented or secret

i see these compounds are sometimes made available for research purpose, is this the case with both drugs?

of course i suggest those with good livers can do this, those like me on cirrhosis are not the best candidates
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Is there anyway the manufaturers can be contacted and asked where they will want people to come in for help.
Did the manufacturer said their major concern is finance or the drug has not fully been developed?
I am of the opinion is that the manufacturers be conatcted, seek their opinion on how surferers can be of help
As for donating, many people will be willing. Representation can even be made to world aclained philatrophists like Bill Gate etc for support but I think the manufacturers should be taken along.
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I am willing to help anyway I can!
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I will make pray that God will give us all cure soon ..
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It's not that simple.....
The best option would be to raise funds and release it to either of the companies based on well defined trust conditions.
i.e. they do not delay market advancement.
Replicor is futher ahead in their human studies, but the work will not be honored in North America.
Mycrludex will advance the European markets first due to the fact that all their R&D funding is Europeon based.

Remember there is real strength in numbers.
100,000 people with $100.00 each could change the direction of either company.
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i am not an expert on this....i' d be more than willing to donate but how to put up a foundation with no risks of somebody steeling the money?anybody expert on paypal help to raise funds for this type of purpose?
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thankyou stef. we trust you for sure. Do evaluate the options to start a foundation in italy or somewhere in europe. You can add members from europe. What are your option guys?
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we have to look on a way to make a foundation on the net and use some net banking accounts.

Don't take me wrong, I'm willing to help and I trust people, but we are talking about many people not only people form this forum, and not only people that know English  and this have to go in some other language.

We have to look on a foundation that can go internationally and if is possible to be recognize by more then one state because maybe we can have some some tax reduction and in this way to get more credibility and money for research.

Another way is to look on the country where the research are made and where we want to invest and try to get recognize in that country in order to be able to invest without problems.

Below is a quotation from a email that discuss restriction on investment on Canada (Replicor in our case ):
"The restrictions on investments are imposed on us by local regulatory agencies and require investors to qualify as accredited investors in addition to the minimum investment requirements. They define an accredited investor as someone with a net worth of more than $1 million or revenues of at least $200,000 CAD per year. I am required to follow these requirements."
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I would second Viji's suggestion... Another option would be the create the foundation and write to Bill Gates and other philantherapists to fund the companies.. May be we can propose, on behalf of foundation, that founations will pay 40-50% and the rest can be paid by the philantherapists.
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you have to prove that you are a solid foundation and ahve some results before go to some philantherapists - this is my opinion.

one other way is to take over some national foundation (crate new ones or convince the existing one to go in the direction that we believe that is the rigth one) and to create a international foundation - under the same names and move / duplicate forums (on many languages) on the new foundation webpage.
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Either of these companies could advance to market with proper funding...However it will not come from Big Pharma as it would decrease the need for their soon to be out dated anti-virals....Remember we are talking cure if one combines all four option for 4-6 months, and there would be NO long term profits for Big Pharma in that option!!!

Replicor is a Canada based company and must raise funds under the regualtions of the Canadain investment laws., which is why their CEO stated that fact.

We know first hand the Gates foundations #1 focus is HIV...However that changes from challenge to challenge...It is also a very long application process, which we have endured twice.

We use PayPal for transactions any where in the world. The problem is someone will have to open and personally guarantee the account.

I am not sure what the requirements are to start a non-profit foundation...It would be great to hear from an international Lawyer!!!! Maybe someone has a contact.

Or find one very rich individual and present all the current research on both companies and let them make an educated choice....

The not published information on either company almost fills a 6in binder!!!!!

Currently these options are truly our only cure options.
Remember you would still have to use interferon for a very shorttime.
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Why don't Replicor move their company's registration outside of canada, well still maintain the operation there, as a 100%-owned subsidiary. It's just a legal arrangement to make sure the laws are not violated. Operation-wise, will still be the same. Same share structure, same management, same R&D.
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im willing to donate, in my lifetime i would like to have a cure
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Hi stef,

I actually wrote Replicor  giving him a link to this forum and he suggested I talk to him on the phone next week.Given that you are more versed than me on this topic would you mind talking to him on behalf of this forum?
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Hi stef,

I actually wrote Replicor  giving him a link to this forum and he suggested I talk to him on the phone next week.Given that you are more versed than me on this topic would you mind talking to him on behalf of this forum?
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Some of us had already spoken to Replicor. Go for it, ask them about the latest news on REP 9AC'. See the post by 4est.
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please, arrive...
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