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ZellyF: Good to see your post....

Hope all is well.  Any updates?
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All is well!  We were on a long vacation and I homeschool my 3 so this is a busy time of year for me even w/o the vacation.  We are still chasing paper for the adoption but we have seen the picture of our daughter and she is adorable.  

Everything good with you?
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Oh, as far as the HepB I have some labs that are not ideal...my viral load is higher than its been in the past but hovering under the 2000 IU/ml mark that would signal needing to start treatment.  Ultrasounds showing the tumors largely unchanged (changes are w/in the range of differences in imaging and measurement).
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Glad to hear that all is well :)

I think I am on your boat with "busy".  At work, we are doing much more work with much less staff.  I am very thankful that my daughter is back to her old self but that whole episode drained me out and push my work back to the stone age.  I'll be in catch up mode for some time.

For this same reason, I delayed some of my doctor's appointments, a month or two.  But when I finally got labs done a few weeks ago...it's still the same...bummer.

Hope things goes well with the adoption.  And hope you continue to have good imaging results.  
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I am assuming you are eAg -ve. When did you go off medication ? How long did it takes you to go UND and what tx you used ?

I am going through treatment (a little over 3 months with Viread) and getting ready for tests.

Also can blood tests such as AFP/Ferritin good indicators for liver health or one has to have ultra-sound every year ?

Thanks in advance.

PS - I hope steve sero-converts by next test.

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I am e- and eAB+.  I have been since I was diagnosed at age 27.  I've never been on treatment.  I've been fortunate to have enjoyed a low viral load since I've started checking it.

AFP is not enough.  Yearly or twice yearly imaging in addition to AFP is recommended.

I'm with you and the steve bit.
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Hey Zellyf,

Glad to hear things are ok on your side.... Thrilled to hear you are adopting. As a child adopted from an orphanage at 6 i am definately one of the luckier ones... Adopted to a loving home...

I saw your update said tumours tho? I was under the impression they were merely lesions or have i missed a few months of updates?

Well take care peeps and God bless
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Hey Pete,

I'm glad to hear your positive adoption story.  One of the agencies we worked it flooded us with very negative stories about interracial adoptions and all the things we were probably going to do wrong.  

Lesions is probably a better word.  Nothing as changed.
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