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am I cured off hep B?

Jun,2011. confirmed with hep B.
[alt 123 (9-60 U/L), ast 109 (10-40 UL)]
hbsag +
hbsab -
hbvdna 8.2*10^7 IU/mL

in Sep, 2011, starting tenofovir.

After >8 monthes on tenofovir.

Ultrasound: normal liver.
ast: 31 (0-40)
alt: 31 (0-55)
hbsag +
hbsab -
hbvdna: 40 IU/mL
afp: 7.6 ng/mL (0.0-8.3)

Recent test results, below:


AST and ALT, normal range.
hbv: <20 IU/mL.
Hep B Surface Ab, Non Reactive.
HBsAg Screen, Positive Abnormal.
Hep Be Ag, Negative.
Hep Be Ab, Positive Abnormal.


AST and ALT, normal range.
HBV: HBV DNA not detected.
Hep B Surface Ab, Reactive.
HBsAg, Confirm.

Aug2018. similar to Aug2017, unfortunately I lost the test result.


AST and ALT, normal range.
HBV: HBV DNA not detected.
Hep B Surface Ab Quant 128.4 mIU/mL.
HBsAg Screen, Negative.
Hep Be Ag, Negative.
Hep Be Ab,

since now my Hep B Surface Ab Quant 128.4 mIU/mL. and HBsAg Screen, Negative.

am I cured off hep B? should I go to the doctor again to see the possibility on how to stop taking tenofovir?


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If true, this is amazing. First off, HBsAg screen = Negative AND you developed Ab which is a win. I'd definitely do another follow-up with more blood tests to see if this stayed or anything changed. That will be the only way you know for certain. That being said, congrats if you did and it's good to see another cure on here if so. Be prepared for lots of questions such as "Did you do anything in those 8 years to clear. What did you eat? What else did you take or do along with tenofovir?" It's more than likely, your doctor may keep you on the drug another few months to ensure you are fine and he may even give a booster shot for the immunity so that you get more Antibodies and never see this disease again. Please don't hesitate to share with us any results and such, along with steps forward. Thanks!
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Hi were you hbeag + when you first started treatment with tenofovir and seroconverted on the meds ... ?
I was hbeag - when you first started treatment and it stayed this way throughout the treatment. Thanks.

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yes you are cured, usually it is best to keep tdf for about 6-12months after hbsag neg to make sure no relapse happens.take supplements like vit d3 5000iu daily, zinc and others that help immune system and check hbsab as long as hbsab is high no relapse can happen
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