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any new HPB medication or cure out there? any prospects?

it has been a while since I visited this forum and want to know if there is any new medication to cure HPB.
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Unfortunately, in my opinion, the answer is NO. There is progress in finding a cure and better treatment, but it is painfully slow. Best to get your condition monitored regularly by your doctor, treated if necessary, in order to make sure your liver is in good condition when a cure is found.
Appreciate it. Currently I am taking vmledy and since 2010 my v load has been und but, I am suffering from fatty liver it goes up and down and couldn’t get rid of it. Any suggestions? Thank you
May I suggest a diet change for your fatty liver. Exercise may help too. Both are a pain, but NAFLD like Diabetes is becoming more prevalent in our affluent society.
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The truth is that there are many documented cures that have never gone to manufacturing or production. Over the years there has been many announcement and nothing gone to market. The truth is that it is simply not a priority for companies.  Just my opinion.
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