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are urine exams accurate

I took a urine exam and showed a small amount of bilirubin.  Does that mean that I have hepatitis or can there be other reasons.  I also had coffee and it made my urine sample darker than usual.  Any information would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.
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That's not a good sign. It does indicate liver problem and should be followed up by blood studies to start with. I hate to alarm you but this is not something you should ignore. Search "urin bilirubin" at google.com to learn more. Good luck. Mike
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I have an apptment for june 3rd, should i go asap or is that ok. will it make a difference.
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That will probably be okay. I would definitely not drink any alcohol at all. And if you notice anything unusual call your doctor. I wish you good luck - I know this is scary for you but try to relax as best you can. Mike
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I went to the doctor because I had some joint pain, I'm an ex-weight lifter(I know its a symptom of hep as well).  They took a blood sample but, I dont know what they were testing for, and it came out negative.  Does anyone know if they were testing for hepatitis or something else.
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they might have been testing for the rheumatoid factor, but you will have to ask your dr for copy of the bloodwork.  keep your own folder with copies of tests, tests reports, etc. they don't usually test for hep c if you complain of joint pain, the first time around.  you need to ask them what you were tested for.
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